swasan…raglak….parirsh….love story…chapter1

It’s a lovely morning,a beautiful room with lots of teddy bear and photo frames which contain pics of swaragini and their family members is shown.A lovely beautiful girl’s hand came out from t blanket on t bed.and it is ragini . Ragini woke up and started calling swara to wake up and says “what ragini let me sleep 4 some more time” ragini replied that “today is our first day in collage ,we should go early ,so get up” .in t living room of swaragini house sumi brings tea to shekhar and he asked sumi”where r my 2 beautiful princesses” without giving time to sumi to tell swaragini came and hug him from back. Sumi served food for them .they ate it and went to collage .

At collage,when swaragini entered swara told “ragini I will go and collect t form that to be filled by us u better stand here i will come fast” ragini replied ok and swara went from there . On that time some of t seniors called her near them . She shiveringly go there . They commanded her to kiss one of them. She angrily and shiveringly replied “are u gone mad , u think that u seniors can do anything to t juniors. If u didn’t behave properly i will complaint to t principal” t leader of t gang started to laugh and it is adarsh. He then said ” if u doesn’t wanted him to kiss ,then kiss me”. Then he started forcing her . Suddenly a great slap was got to a a Sarah in his cheek and that is parineeta who slaps . She angrily shouts at him to ” behave properly with her frd” . Tears rolled down ragini’s cheek and she hug parineeta.

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