swasan raglak os : yeh jawaani hai dewaani


Hello guys i am back as i have many things to tell fist of all thanks for 31 comments i am really really overwhelmed you all couldnt belive j personally check and every comment and read it 2 to 3 times and thanks is a small word to express and i wanna tell youll that major votes was gone to raglak for jab we met i think 12 votes were there and i wanna say sorry to mona swasanholic she wanted jab we met on swasan but i cant as more of them wanted on raglak so guys after this one next will be raglak jab we met and for swasan heropanti i hope youll are satisfied and coming back to this os i have changed alot from the story and you will come to know i will not reveal anything now just wanna tell youll its really enjoyable os with swasan and raglak both combining so lets start
The story starts with a girl was shopping with her mom wearing dress till knee wearing specs when suddenly her gaze went to agirl who was shouting on a boy for seeing her bare legs and didnt recognize her but that girl recognise her
Girl : hey ragini swara bose
Yes that nerd girl was swara
Ragini : are you swara gadodia
Yes she was swara gadodia she was wearing short and having speakers in her ears both ragini and swada studies in same school but ragini was topper and swara was just passing child she dont have any intrest in all this
Swara : are how are you
Raginj : i am fine what about you
Swara : am also fn so what are you upto these days
Ragini : i am actually a medical student
Swara : oh why not you were a topper yr
Suddenly her mom comes
Ragini : maa meet her she is ragini my friend
Sharmishta : hello beta what do you do
Swara : actually aunty i study artsand finaally we got holidays so all our friends are going to manali to enjoy ok now bye ragini see you later
Ragini then realise that she left something and when she was about to call her she left she sees it it was make my trip.com card for manalishe felt bad that all her friends are enjoying except her because she has to study

There in swaras house she fighted with her parents to go for this trip and she succeed and here comes laksh kapoor he is a middle class boy but with high dreams and he is finally doing part time job in media and hoing to manali with his friends and yes he is swaras best friend and he fought with his dad and step mom to let him go and they let him to pursue his dreams
In raginis house all discussion was going but she was lost somewhere she wanted to go and finally she decides she booked her ticket and packed her bags
But another entry has to come next day at railway station a guy was watching curuiosly tv india pakistan match the guy was non other than sanskaar maheshwari a middle class but uses his money in gambling and in drinks he gets disturbed by swara who grabs him suddenly
Sanskaar : are swara leave me see i am seeing the match and i am very much tensed
Swara : no i cant leave you looking so hot and by the way in tension and by the way why didnt you came to pick me from home
Sanskaar : so why should i are you a kid that taxi drivers will kidnap you they will think twice to kidnap that who will kidnap a boy and girl mixture
Swara : shut up ok now come neither we will miss our train
Sanskaar : i dont wanna come

There laksh shouts
Laksh : and why you dont
Sanskaar : i dont wanna lose this match and he sees one wicket has gone shit yr
Laksh : ok swara come
Sanskaar : hey youll are leaving me
Laksh ; you said you dont wanna come
Sanskaar : i wanna yr
Laksh : but how will you come you have lost your money here
Sanskaar : how do you know
Laksh : salley i am your father ok you have spend all your money in this
Sanskaar : you both go and have fun
Laksh : abe dramebaaz i will kill you just come ok i am there for you always
Swara : chal now come
Sanskaar : lets goo then yr

They trio left happily but laksh was keeping luggage when he saw a girl coming and she too see
Laksh : hey
Ragini : hey
Laksh : neha
Ragini : swara bose
Laksh : anjalis friend
Ragini : ragini bose modern school same batch
Laksh : oh ya scholar ragini got it but what are you doing here
Ragini : am also coming on this trip
Laksh : what are you sure i mean this is trecking we have to climb mountains and all
Ragini : oh common i know ok
Laksh : ok then come enjoy
Then they both heads to train swara was shocked to see her
Swara : hey are you following
Before ragini could say sanskaar said
Sanskaar : oh shut up swara she has a fantasy that every girl follows her
Swara slaps him playfully and both have fun here ragini was little bit uncomfortable with new friends but laksh was there for her finally they reached manali and in train they made new friends like kavita and kavya because of kavitas closness to sanskaar swara was jealous as she was having a crush on sanskaar and she never let anybody they rested a whole day and next day the all four went for roaming to manali when they saw a girl of young married girl
Sanskaar : yr swara see na that girl she is hot should i run away with her
Swara glared him
Swara : dude she is akid her age is of playing video games and see what she is playing i will never marry at this age
Sanskaar : yr swara if you want to marry you have to go to us because in india government hasnt passed the law of boy and boy getting married
Swara beats him
Laksh : guys youll are playing i have pity on that boy today he is happy and and after some years this bride will only shoot him
Ragini : what do you mean
Swara : are dont concentrate on him yr ragini he has an allergy from marraige
Laksh : so what yr ragini you only tell if you given dal rice for your whole life you can eat that same how can we be with the same girl in life there is necessary something different like haaka noidles keema
Ragini : and if we want kids then
Laksh : so whats it with marraige we can do it now come
Ragini : chii
Ragini went from there where all trio were laughing

They enjoyed totaaly but at night when they were returning sanskaar by mistakenly hits a women and his brother hits sanskaar before sanskaar can beat his bro laksh hits that man and all of were engaged in fighting swasan goes to one side and raglak goes to other
Whereas swasan were hiding behind curtains
Swara : wait i will show them
Sanskaar : yr swara dont bee hero you will trap us just keep quite
Swara : are let me get a chance i will make their faces red and blue
Sanakaar : just shut up
Meanwhile some goons sees them swara takes a bamboo and she was about hit them but mistakenly hits sanskaar he puts his hand over his hand but somehow takes swara from there
There at raglak they were escapung when one man caught laksh
Laksh : chashmish help
Ragini took a ketchyp and poured on his eyes he left him
Then they hide behind something
Ragini : where you all have made me trap
Laksh : relax i have an idea
He took some colours on the plate which was beside him
Ragini : this is really stupid
Laksh : wait and watch
He was about to put this colour on one goon but it got on an old man and ragini hits that goon and start escaping
Raglak sees swasan
Laksh : are where were you all now come
They were running where swara again got bamboo
Laksh : na beta na not now

He took her and all four of the escapes because of ragini
They slept in tent then next day it was they have to climb mountain sanlak wins over swaragini team and at late night there was aparty all of them goes leaving ragini laksh came to there for his work when he saw ragini alone she explains him she is boring and cant be happy but he tells her she is not because she is having guts to come alone on this trip which no one has he makes her understand how special she is and finally she agreed there swasan were enjoying party wheares somegirls were flirting with sanskaar which was areally pissed of monent for her so she dance with him nd not let him go he too enjoys with her then ragalk too came all started to enjoy
Days passed ragini was enjoying because of laksh swaras jealousy was clearly visible to raglak but sanskaar was unaware of it and one day when all heard a story of haunted mountain peak that whoever goes never come backs but there is something in mountain whatever we makes wish is fullfilled all get scared by name of haunted but laksh wanted to go there at night when all slept laksh was moving towards mountain when he heard some nouise he turned behind and ragini scared him
Laksh : you what are you doing here
Ragini : come i also wanna see that temple and make a wish
Both goes but gets tired and sits for a while ragini ask laksh for a drink and laksh was amazed by her behaviour
Ragini : so what is your plan of your life
Laksh : see this
He handsover her a book which has destination like london paris Venice
Ragini : whats all this
Laksh : my dreeam i want to be a videographer i want to travel the whole world i want to walk i want to fly i want to fall down too but i dont want to stop
Ragini : but if you do this then when will you do other things
Laksh : what other thing marry at 25 having kids at 30 and retiremwnt and all leave that i dont wanna live boring life i wanna live a happy life
Ragini : go ahead
Laksh : i cant talk all this things with sanskaar and swara why i am talking with you
Ragini : how will i know idiot
And both again start their journey
At down where swara was sleeping her sleep gets disturbed by some noise she sees kavita and sanskaar was so close and about to kiss when swara shout sanskaar glared her
Swara : kavita just go from here now
Kavita : are what haplened to you why are you shouting
Swara : i said leave
Kavita : ok ok cool
She left whereas sanky was surprised
Sanskaar ; swara yr you spolied it
Swara : you idiot why are you with her
Sanskaar : are swara i was just flirting but wait a
minute are you jealous

Swara : why should i be you are my friend and thats why i am guarding you right things
Sanskaar : uff thankgod i thought you love me you know i dont trust this live and all
Swara just felt pain but she said : yup why would i love you
Sanskaar : yes beacuse you are a boy na
Swara then chhases him but she was feeling pain as she loves him but he doesnt and at raglak side they reached there and ragini only made a wish of laksh thats it next day it was holi all four played holi and it was night whensanskaar went tocheck things on bus but he found something diffeent and it was shocking there at raglak side ragini wants to confess her feelingsbut she was stopped by sanskaar and swara too joined
Sansskaar : whats this laksh
Laksh : this isnt fair you spoiled my surprise
Sanskaar : which surprise that you are going after one week to london for scholorship of journalism and you didnt inform us
Swara : what
Ragini was shocked
Laksh : it was surprise yr and i want this dream to be fullfilled
Sanskaar : yr swara say something how can he go
Swara : whats wrong sanky we all have grown and its high time to think laksh you are doing right
Sanskaaar sadly agrees
Laksh : miss me ragini
Ragini : think so
Laksh : so you were also saying something
Ragini : i was saying thatsun has come
Ragini thinks : i cant say him because the more i love him he loves his dream and i shouldnt interfare in his life

After 8 years laksh was a well known videographer at journalism and was following his dream ragini has beacame a doctor and laksh didnt return to india still he went but he saw his laptop where a message was there saying that his friend swara is soon getting married to sahil sen laksh was really ahlpy and he was going to india afte 8 years everything have changed and moreover his support his dad has died and he cant be at his funeral and sanakaar has worsed his life by drinking and gambling je lost his all bars in gambling he is loving swara but he couldnt recognize his feelings but he was unhappy with marraige but comes for it which is in rajasthan ragini too comes in this 8 years swara and ragini have become close fiends
It was a engagement party where all were giving speeches and then lakshmade sudden entry making ragini and swara shocked sanskaar was not present there he dances with them ragini was very happy and swara then goes to sanskaars and clises his eyes and laksh comes infront of them making sanskaar hell shocked
Swara : i have told you na lucky that he will die in shock
Sanskaar : how are you laksh atlast you remembered us
Laksh : how can i dont come its my friends sucide na
Swara : shut up ok you know what guys why we all trio have fun like we were having before
Sanskaar : what fun yr all things have changed beside our face
Laksh : nothing changes in friendship sanky
Sanskaar : correct but we are not friends anymore lucky cheers !
Saying this sanskaar went
Laksh : what happened to him yr
Swara : dont know but he has became stubborn from when you have gone
Laksh : i will clear it out you say so now you dont love sanskaar
Swara : you know that
Laksh ; all know leaving that duffer
Swara : i love him yr but this only one sided sanskaar doesnt love me and we dont have future but when i met sahil i know i cant live him but can live my life
Laksh : why are you giving trouble to yourself first you should talk with sanky
Swara : are leave that i know him very much and you go and rest ok
Laksh wents but he sees ragini sitting near pool he goes to her
Laksh : so how are you miss chashmish
Ragini : hey dont call me that see am not wearing it om
Laksh : thats why you are looking beautiful
Ragini : you are the same laksh but one thing has changed your smile which laksh i know enjoys alot and you have forgot enjoying
Laksh : because i have got everything but lost my family and friends
Ragini : have parience they will got you you should be calm ok bye see you tomorrow
Laksh : hmm bye
Next day it was haldi swara was not happy but she was showing from outside and was enjoying wheareas sanaakar was loosing more in gambling and laksh and ragini went to roam rajastan where ragini thought him to live the moment where we are not to run for that moment that we cant get laksh shares something
Laksh : you know ragini i ahve gone on a trip my mobile was off network was not there and my dad has gone all of them tried calling me but it couldnt reach me after 12 days when i was out of it i ah6ve seen swara and sanakaar messages i was totally blank all his funeral was gone nothing was left thats why i didnt answer anyone calls but i miss him alot and have a guilt that i cant be there at his last moments
Ragini consoled him and it was sangeet party where swara was getting ready where laksh was seeing his channel and sanskaar came and put it on match
Laksh : sanky my show was going
Sanskaar : oh i am sorry i didnt know actually
Laksh : sanskaar show laga
Sanskaar : its your show only na laksh till when will you see
Laksh : i wanna make you see
Sanskaar ; but i dont
Laksh switch off the tv
Sanskaar : whats your problem
Laksh : why are you behaving with me like this whats my fault
Sanskaar : you know
Laksh : you tell

Sanskaar : just shut up yr lucky why are yous howing your fake concern when you actually dont care after going there how many times you have called hardly 20 and again you have come and showing your friendship this is called friendship you ahve cared how is your family how is swara how is your bro sanskaar
Laksh : yr sanky chill see swara is not doing like this
Sanskaar : because she dont have any expectation from you but i have and why shouldnt i because you havent came on your real dads last rites
Laksh : listen sanky forget all this swara is right dont expect from me
Sanskaar : why because you have become selfish for yourself
Laksh : but i am not like you drunken gambler
They both had a small fight which is sorted out by swara and both patched up
It was sangeet raglak dances on dilli wali girlfriend laksh and sanskaar enjoyed as before but there was acouple dance when sahil and swara were dancing and this made sanskaar furious he was burning which was noticed by raglak he then goes out and drank the whole bottle and throws it raglak sees this
Laksh : yr why he is doing this
Ragini : because he is jealous and he loves swara
Laksh : what are you saying ragini
Laksh : yes its true he loves her i can see it whenever she is close to sahil he feels jealous but maybe he doesnt show but i think swara is not
Laksh : no swara loves him more than anything if they love eachother we should do neither they will destroy their lives
Ragini : i have an idea i somehow tell sanskara to confess today and you go and see swara doesnt leave the party
Laksh : you are becoming smart by being with me good carry on
And they both left ragini then goes to sanky
Ragini : so you love swara
Sanskaar unknowingly : yes
Ragini : really
Sanskaar : are no nothing like that
Ragini : acha then what are you doing here leaving all i think you are jealous
Sanskaar : jealous and me
Ragini : yes and you are jealous because of sahil he is coming close to swara
Sanskaar : no

Ragini : accept it when sahil touches her you feel like hitting him
Sanskaar : i agree i love her yes i love her
Ragini : so whats the problem why didnt you tell her
Sanskaar : and what should i tell her that marry me i have nothing and that sahil he has lots of money he will keep my swara happily i can never let her make happy
Ragini : and you think that she will be happy leaving you duffer she too loves you and she is afraid because she will loose your friendship and you know what sanskaar its really happy moment when you love someone and that person reciprocates it with the same manner you are lucky and dont let it go
Sanskaar : but what can i do now
Ragini : go and confess she will accept
Sanskaar ; thanks yr
Ragini : never mind
Sanskaar then rushes to hall and where laksh was standing with sahil and swara nd all guest were also present
Sanskaar : hey everyone i want to announce something and its that i know its really bad time to say but i have to say this swara i love you
Swara looks at him shockingly and sanky was moving to her
Sanskaar : yes swara i love you i dont know qhen but i cant let you go i cant let you be someone i know i am very much late but plz dont leave your sanky i promise for you i will leave all bad habits i will leave drinking i promise but dont go i am nothing without you i am expressing my love infront of all that i love her swara plz dont make it too late
Swara : sshh you talk so much and how much time you ahve taken to say me this if you would have taken a day more i would have killed you idiot
Saying this she hugs him tight sanskaar gets happy and hugs her tight bit swara suddenly remebers of sahil and went to him
Swara : sahil woh
Sahil : no need swara i know you were not happy bit then too you were getting in this relation and am hapoy you got your sanskaar and i wish you both a happy life
Sanakaar : thanks bro
Sahil : no need and one more thing day after tomorrow marraige is gonna happen but not of swahil but of swasan
All gets happy seeing their love there raglak
Laksh : nice idea
Ragini : thanks

Ragini then realise that she is falling for him again and she should maintain diatance from him and she left that place next day ragini was not there laksh thought maybe she is busy he was all day restless without her but at night she returned but got busy with swara he also started talking with sanskaar
Laksh : so bussy finally you are getting married am so happy
Sanskaar : its all because of ragini she is really nice
Laksh : yup she is and sanskaar if you want i can give you money for you loses
Sanskaar : abe you are purchasing our friendship with money
Laksh : no yr its just how can i help you
Sanskaar : you wanna help me than get me my bro lucky back and you know what i have got swara i dont want anything now just you be settle
Laksh : i will see
Then he realises of ragini and goes to her but he gets jealous seeing her with someone else he drags her out
Laksh : what are you doing
Ragini : are you mad why have you drag me ot
Laksh : who is he
Ragini : and who are you to ask bf hubby or daddy
Laksh : ragini just answer
Ragini : he is my friend laksh but why are you being possesive
Laksh : its because i cant see you with anyone ok
Ragini : why
Laksh : i dont kow
Ragini : laksh just listeni cant stay with you anymore beacuse if i will then i will fall for you again and you will not again
Laksh realise it and then kisses ragini she reciprocates both the hugs eachother
Laksh : i love you
Ragini : i love you too
Laksh : but
Ragini ; but you cant leave your job and i cant leave mine we have no future laksh
Laksh : my heart is not saying to leave you
Ragini : but we have to
Laksh : plz let me be with you plz
And they hug for hours but ragini left cryingly here tears were also there on lakshs face next day marraige happens of swasan raglak were seeing eachother with so much pain as laksh will be going back swasan marraige was done all four hug and swasan were leaving for honeymoon and laksh too went without meeting ragini she was so sad laksh was sitting at airporta nd thinking something and then he goes to his house and meets his step mom she explains him his dad use to love him and he loves how he was passionate about his dream she tells him not to go and tells her to go to ragini as she is his priority he hurriedly goes to her she was shocked to see him he says that he wants to go but with her he wants to roam place but with her hand in hand and finally ragini accepts there swasan were sitting at airport and recalls their past happily being friends to soulmate and then laksh calls them and tells them the story all four are happy suddenly fore cracks as it was new year all wishes at phone swara hugs sanskaar and ragini hugs laksh

The end

I hope youll like it it was a change for swasan and raglak and i ahve pained my hands a lot for adjusting the scenes i know i took long but next will not take long time so which one you want first swasan or raglak aur issi tarah aapki jitni farmayishe hai like someone told jab tak ahi jaan pardes and all allof yours demand will be fullfilled have patience jst tell next kiski rkhu swasan or raglak and comment plz on this os till then bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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