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Hello my dear sweet and cute friends… ??

How are you all.. I’m back with another update for you…

You might be thinking what we are going to do now… ?? Well, we just want your help for our fb page…

But how?? Ah… How???? Then we got a idea that an idea ??Any guesses?? . . . . . . .

Okay I wont stress you much…??

It is a simple OS competition… We will give you a small paragraph…. And you need to build a story around it…

Simple na.. ??

So I’m adding a small paragraph down… Build a story and inbox us your OS…

Before that you also comment so that we will have an idea of how many are interested..? ?

Wait.. I’m not done yet… I didn’t inform you about the prize right?? Oops… It’s a surprise… ?? I wont tell that… ?? Hahaha ??

Now the paragraph is….

Sanskaar is stuck in a lift shouting for help.. Only the he watches a beautiful girl passing through the window… He gets mesmerised by her beauty but as she comes closer to him which sends chills to spine… His knees start to shiver and he faints there… She is none other than Saumya… She laughs wickedly watching him unconscious…

Harman wakes up in the hospital room… He listens the drops of saline falling… He slowly gets down and removes the IV from his hand nerve and shouts loudly… SWARAAAAA…

Swara sits in a room.. It’s not room… It’s a jail… There was also another woman with her… She was trying to harass Swara with her abusive language… Swara remained silent untill the woman came near her and caught hold of her hair… Swara looked straight into her eyes… The woman fell down dead…

This the paragraph dr…. Build an os with this paragraph and send it to our page inbox frnds….

Link: https://mbasic.facebook.com/fictionandfact/?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C6552601423

1.Genre:Horror love….
2.Pairs-Swasan and Haya(Harman-Sowmya)/Raglak…..
3.Last Date:03/09/2016(Saturday)

Anyone interested pls do comment and if you have any doubts too u can ask here guys…. ?

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  1. Oh god super awesome plot!!!!??? i loveddd supernatural storiesss??keep rockng n stay blessed shan??all d bst to all contestents?? n a request to all writer ,plz show lill more raglak scenesss…heehehehe plzzz? ….take care?

  2. I love supernatural stories pls start it .

  3. Guys… Try to use Harman and Saumya couple only… If you don’t watch shakti… Or if you don’t know who Harman and Saumya are… Then use RagLak in the place of HaYa

  4. Very nice

  5. Mica

    aaahhhhh… i just love to read and to comment than being writer…
    all the best for contestant…but seem, those paragraph so tempting

  6. Can i write

    1. Abirsha

      Ya sure u can write….. But send ur os to that link

    2. Abirsha

      Can u send a message to our page?? So that we will know….

      1. Janviiivyas

        Shan akka but I have posted it here

    3. Shan i don’t have an fb account

      1. Abirsha

        K dr send to my mail-id:[email protected]….. In tu i will post ur os on ur behalf….

  7. Janviiivyas

    Hello shan akka can i try ….!!!!!
    The horror love story a phobia girl ….swasan ….
    Sanskaar’s pov

    It was my life’s awkward accident …I collided with a girl who is very scared from 5 things
    1 garden
    2 water
    3 heights
    4 darkness
    5 closed room
    …I know don’t know how ..there was magical beam in her eyes which was hallucinating and attracting me towards her ….I thought that she would be a fairy of my life ….!!! But the thing is different she was hiding herself from me …so I softly asked her name
    She said with a scared voice ..sw..swara
    Me: world’s very beautiful name you have swara ..would you be my friend
    She became comfortable to me ….
    We shaked our hands
    Me:are you new to this college do you have any friend ..
    Me:ohh. So iam there na .. let’s move too canteen …
    We moved to canteen
    Days passed we were best friends ..her and mine lifestyle also changed ….
    She shared a secret to me ..and I was stunned to hear that
    She had 5 phobias and she gets dream s related to them ….when I woke up forgets what’s the story …
    Me:do you been to doctors
    She:,yes I been .. Doctor says that I am a cycoo but Secretarist says that I am mentally fit …..
    And I have a special Power …just see
    She concentrated on wall ..and it got crack ….
    Sanskaar shocked ….
    Sanskaar just come with me …he took her to a astronomer..and said the whole matter
    Asto:it is related to her past births
    She need to dream and say the story again
    Swara you dream and say the story
    …….she set up Number of candles near swara and asked them to sleep
    Swara:two snakes are crawling …one swara and other was not sure who was it ..and the second one was killed ..
    It was mine 1 birth ..i was a Cleopatra …..
    My second birth
    I was Swimming I boy came near me and he started to rape me …. And he killed me
    My third birth
    I girl pushed me from a big building I dead

    My forth birth
    A girl in a closed room .stabbed m me and I dead
    My fifth birth
    A boy from behind came from darkness came and squeezed my neck and I dead
    My fifth phobia was tested by doctor
    And I fought it and I won ..that longs no more ….

    Swara slowly remember who were they four and a snake said s
    Swara:the two boy sahil and rajat and two girls were kavya and kavita …and the snake was my lover ..!my sanskaar and I love him too in that and this birth …..
    Swara slowly opens her eyes and hugs sanskaar …
    Sanskaar:I love you
    Swara:I too
    Sanskaar kisses her forehead
    Sanskaar:asto. But how can swara bid a good bye to all her phobias …
    Asto:it is very simple you and she had to take a revenge ..from them ..and kill them and no one will come to know as the nature is with you ….
    A boy was swimming then sanskaar came and killed sahil by a rod hitting on his head
    A boy was in a dark a area …swara came to him and looked him in eyes And is died….. It was it was kavita
    It was a jail a girl was harnessing her..swara looked in her eyes …she died …swara was in kail because it was his father’s jail and she took permission ……
    Then sanskaar pushed a person from very big building and he dead ..it was rajat
    In post matam
    Rajat was dead because of fear of heights
    Sahil was dead because of fear of water
    Kavya was dead because of fear of darkness
    Kavita was dead because of fear of closed room
    …. There was no evidence to proove that swara and sanskaar killed them
    Swara’s phobias and powers were gone away …
    And she was spending her happy married life as
    Mrs maheshwari
    How was it

    1. Abirsha

      Janvi dr u have to include the paragraph which we gave above….. Include that paragraph and write an os and send to our page inbox dr…. ?

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