Swasan and raglak meeting part 9


Sorry about the long pause I couldn’t update because my family doesn’t know I’m writing a ff also my internet was slow
So here we go
Precap sanskar and Swara say I love u to each other
They all get home and they all get welcomed by the family with the Aarti.
Anupurma says Swara beta you pls stay here tonight you can sleep in sanskar room and he can sleep in the guest room.
Swara says ok.
Sanskar hears this and says what Swara is gonna sleep in my room and me in the guest room no way mom how could you think this.
Anupurma says sanskoo pls (she makes a pouty face)
Sanskar says no mom no emotional drama pls.then he says ok Swara you can.
Swara says thanks my chikoo.
And the whole family laughs and says chikoo nice name.
Sanskar says not chikoo aaargghggg.
Ragini says pls could I take Laksh Swara and sanskar also can you pls look after lakshman and rucha for me pls just for a hour.
Then parineeti says sure Ragini we will they are our bache also I will be happy because I’m gonna try to become a mother so I will have the experience with my ru and lakshoo I would call him Laksh but that’s your patis name.
They all leave.

Ragini says lets go to my and Laksh room.
They all reach and Swara says what’s wrong di.
Ragini plays the recording where swasan say I love you and sanskar saying to the goon how dare you touch MY SWARA.
Laksh gets shocked and happy while sanskar and Swara look at each other and blush.
Ragini says sanskar do you love my sister.
Sanskar says bhabi ha I love Swara and can’t live without her with me.
Laksh says Swara what about you.
Swara confidently says of course Laksh jiju or shall I say bhai I realised my love when sanskar saved me from getting raped.
Raglak get shocked and say what.
Sanskar stamps on Swara foot.
Swara says sorry.
Ragini says when.
Swara says on the 2 weeks when you and bhai went for you before wedding honeymoon.
Laksh and Ragini blush and say we will talk to the family about your marriage.
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Credit to: Rosie

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