Swasan and raglak meeting part 7


Hello guys I’m posting now because for some reason they had a problem and were too busy and didn’t let me post sorry
Recap Swara Ragini and the twins get kidnapped.
Ragini kids start to cry and Ragini sings a lullaby to put them to sleep the kidnappers smirk and say you got a lovely voice I hope you do another thing really well Ragini and Swara get shocked.
Swara picks up the boy and Ragini the girl to put them to sleep.they sing
Mera sonna bacha inse mat daro yeh to gande lok hai Tum sojaw hum ma aur masi inko marte gain:
The twins fall asleep.

They reach a place and the kidnappers take them in and take away the kids.
Ragini and Swara see Laksh and sanskar hanged and a burning hot fire underneath.
Ragini says Laksh has asthma.
Swara says what nooo.she shout jiju are you alright he shout for now you stay safe don’t worry about us.
Sanskar shouts Swara and Ragini bhabi you two go from here.
Ragini was about to speak and says sanskar I’m not going to leave you here alone pls come back and starts criying.

The boss comes and says to save them you 2 have to have s*x with us and let us do what we want to your body of you don’t agree you can go and these to boys in the fire the decision is yours.
Swara and Ragini say manzoor hai.
Ragini says but first let us meet sanskar and Laksh and blow the fire out then.
The boss says ok that’s all and we get that beauty in return.
Swara smirks as she has a pocketknife under her longs dress she takes it out and taps ragini and whispers di look I told you my best friend will come in hand look Ragini looks and smiles.
She says ha from today this may be my bestie astrology we need to give this to Laksh and sanskar and says if we manage to escape I need to speak to and then they both pick the babies up and rie them around Laksh and sanskar Ragini tells them what they gonna do with no sound.
Laksh says no I won’t let you do that.
Sanskar says Swara I love you pls don’t do that for me pls.
Laksh and Ragini get shocked and Swara says sanskar I love u that’s why I’m doin it.
Ragini slowly passes the pocketknife to Laksh and says swarms bestie she always carries it use it carefully and pls look after our 2 kids Laksh gets shocked.
He says 2 kids .

Ragini says yes I was having twins and decided to keep it a secret I love you.
Laksh says love u 2 and promise I will not let you lose your dignity.
Sanskar says I won’t either Swara be careful.
Ragini notices them and gets thinking.
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Credit to: Rosie

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