Swasan and raglak meeting part 4


Guys I need more comments and this one may be short depends on how much time I’ve got
Sanskar says Swara ok I won’t go but you promise you will not wear short western clothes.
Swara says ok sanskar it’s time ek go asleep.
Will you sleep on the same bed as me I’m scared.
Sanskar says ok but i mean like are you sure.
Swara says not in that way I will sleep on one side and you sleep on one side bhudoo.
Sanskar starts laughing I knew that hahahahahahahahahaha
Swara says sanskar I love you and goes to sleep.
Sanskar thinks to himself wow I’m so happy I’ve got 3 weeks alone with Swara I will go lock the doors and hide the keys for later when she says lets go.

It’s morning.
Laksh wAkes ragini up and says good morning and gets in bed back naked and then kisses her really hard Ragini says Laksh goes.
Then he says no I need more love making pls I’m going crazy I was used when I was 18 you know this girl she mixed drugs in my drinks and when I couldn’t move she used to get herself and me naked and kiss my body and have s-x with me I’m so sorry but I love you and don’t want you to leave me in any state.
Ragini says Laksh stop it I love you but what if I get pregnant
Laksh shouts I’m gonna get married to you.ragini your parents are coming back in 6 weeks they sent you messages.
So my parents are gonna go your house directly for our marrige.
Ragini gets overwhelmed and kisses Laksh.
6 weeks pass and sanskar meets Swara
Swara says sanskar what’s wrong why are you here is so early in the morning.
Swara my family is coming for a marrige proposal for Ragini to marry Laksh I’m so happy.
Swara laughs and says I know and my mom and dad have agreed already don’t you know?
Sanskar says my mom and dad are here.
Swaragini parents come out and greet them they all go inside.
After a while Ragini comes and they all say congrats Beti yours and Laksh
marriage is tmw.
Swara says oho jiju is in a hurry.
Ragini blushes and so does Laksh.
What will be the twist after raglak marriage pls guess and comment

Credit to: Rosie

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