Swasan and raglak meeting part 3


Hello I’m really happy on your thoughts i will say they made love and I’m repeating the scene so pls read

Laksh ragini to the bedroom
Ragini looks the other way while Laksh takes her clothes off one by one.
Ragini says Laksh.
Laksh says ragini I’m gonna tie you up if only you agree.
Ragini shyly nods her head.

Once she’s tied Laksh gets naked puts Ragini in bed and gives a strong lip lock and Ragini holds him tightly and they get imitated.where else swasan are at home playing Rock Paper Scissors.
Swara says sanskar I’m really bored.
Sanskar says do you want to go out to a club.
Swara says yeah pls pls.
Sanskar says get ready in this room right now while I wait for u outside.
Swara comes and sanskar stays staring at her.They reach the club and Swara says I need to go toilet sanskar.
Sanskar says go to the right and then there’s a toilet.Swara goes and a group of gamblers see her.

They surround her and say come to me baby we will pay you 5000 pounds to sleep with up.
Swara says how dare you and slaps him.
The boy gets her hands and says to the rest take her clothes off they undo the zip of the dress and sanskar see her.
He says hey patia how dare you he faces Swara and gets her right on his body and takes her to a hotel.
He says I will be back she says sanskar no don’t go.

Will sanskar go pls comment as soon as possible if I should continue xxxxxxxxx ❤️??????????

Credit to: Rosie

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