Swasan and raglak meeting part 25 with Thahaan


Hi guys I know I post late but it’s that my family doesn’t know that I’m writing and I’m planning to end my FF to start a new one so pls pls comment if I should start a new one so we will have 5 more episodes of this ff then I will start a new one in the holidays probably

Vasu gets ready to go to Canada with shraddha.
Shraddha thinks Salim pls pls forgive me if love you but I can’t let you go to your real parents because you are mine and only mine I tried a lot to get you even a fake pregnancy but to vain I had tone lie that I had a miscarriage and then I did a masterstroke and kidnapped you then straight away you went to Canada.
Luckily a week later I brought u back and went to dad’s house and you stayed there for 2 years I love you Salim I raised you and now you are my life.
If anything happens to you I will die.
Laksh was stanning by the door and heard only a bit of it and that was in really love you you are only mine.
He says shraddha what did you just say who is just yours.
She stammers and says dhruv I miss him he got killed I bet you it wasn’t an accident.
Laksh says calm down and then leaves.
Thapki goes to swaragini and picks up Rucha she says Rucha can u pls come and stay with me at my house with mamoo mami and your pooja di
Rucha says mumma can me go.
RaginI laughs and says can I go hmm
I hope you won’t cry and what about rashi Didier.
Thapki says no leave her she is an orphan.
Sanskar says thapki bhabi don’t you dare she is my biological daughter because we are connected by heart.
How will you understand you lost your newborn kid by being careless and then blame others.
Thapki cries.
Bihaan enters and says sanskar what happened.
Sanskar tells him everything that happened from the time of the lost baby boy who they think is dead.
Thapki runs out saying you separated me from my child and now want my daughter.
Bihaan goes after her.
In the bedroom he sits next to her and says thapki you need to understand pls don’t blame your sisters if you ever loved me pls try to understand they put her in the identical buggy and the other women put hers in.ours but then gave our child away to someone he could be alive.
Anyways we all are going to Canada as my treat now smile

She says what about the money.
Bihaan says my family paid for it donto worry I also paid half.
Thapki smiles and says pooja recovered and I just pray wrong find our son

She goes to swaragini and says I’m sorry pls forgive you small sister I love you I got flownews in emotions but…..
Swara says if we were in your place we probably would have been worse so pls pls pls cheers up
ThapkI apologises to rashi and says I love you my baby xxx

Thanks for reading and pls comment if I should start a new ff and finish this one or should I carry on pls pls comment whoever reads it’s really important and also if you are the updater pls update this in thapki pyaar ki as it’s very important thank you bye everyone good morning or night ????????❤??????????

Credit to: Rosie

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