Swasan and raglak meeting part 24 with Thahaan new


Hi guys sorry about the late updates so here we go
Bihaan says because of you my son died I can’t afford to lose my daughter do u understand.
Thapki says bihaan it wasn’t my fault it was shraddha she pushed him in that car pls believe me.
Bihaan goes to her and shows the phone where it had shraddha number dialed. Fb shows shraddha enters the room and dials her nber on thapki phone to hear their conversation.
Thapki understands.
Bihaan says I won’t hear a word against shraddha bahabi I love her.
Thapki gets angry and says I will say a lot of things abut her what you gonna do tell me.
Bihaan gets close to thapki and cuts the call off.
He romances with thapki.
When all of a sudden his phone rings

ThapkI fumes and says uta it’s your love.
Bihaan picks up and says yes shraddha jI
Shraddha says will you sleep with me tonight I wanna have a baby with you.
Bihaan and thapki get shocked.
ThapkI pretends to come in the room and says bihaan you will sleep with pooja today in our room because she has a headache.

Bihaan says but and thapki says no buts you will that means you will you understand otherwise I will tell everyone about your affair with shraddha.
Bihaan smiles and thinks in his head wa bIwi that was great I love you when u are jealous.
Thapki then goes to pooja and gets jealous seeing her with swaragini.
She calls them out and says why are you 2 trying to drag my daughter away from me if you love girls so much go and adopt one don’t think to separate me from.my daughter otherwise the results won’t be good do u understand.

Swaragini say thapki what are you saying your our sister and she is our niece how can you expect us to stay away from her impossible we will tell bihaan.
Is sanskar goes near her bihaan doesn’t feel insecure because he knows his daughter holds a special corner for him and nobody can take that place but you you think opposite just because she has lung cancer.

Thapki gives swara a tight slap and says don’t forget I am elder gan you how dare you be rude to me.
Also she isy baby I know what is best for her just because you found a donar for her you think you are her mum but you are wrong.
I love my daughter a lot.
Thapki falls to the grOundle crying.
Thapki thinks Swaragini are responsible for her sons death so she wants revenge
Fb shows thapki son is with swara but swara buts him next to thapki and says your son is here but that was someone else who had the same clothes on.

Meanwhile a girl/shraddha picks up the son and
Says sorry my baby nephew but you will have to go bye.
Thapki says you will all get a punishment don’t you worry.
Then all the way in Canada is a small kid called salime running around (Thahaan son)
He says I want to go to shraddha mummy.
Shraddha rings that place and says give him he phone.

She says my baby mummy will come thew this year and we will go out to Iceland and enjoy and remember mumma loves you a lot mwahaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxx.
Shraddha says because of thapki I copulent have a baby with dhruv and he is dead so I can go wherever I want and I will bring my baby up myself and keep him with me he will never ever meet you guys.HAHAHA
She sees vasu there and thinks did this oldie hear me.
She says shraddha you know I’m deaf but did you send your and dhruv baby to Canada.
Shraddha thinks deaf oldie this way my son will make entry and I will get property yeah this is the perfect plan for me I can’t now back out.
She says mummy ji actually when I found out I was pregnant I thought to tell dhruv but he passed away when thapki had twins another baby was born and that was mine but I sent it to Canada that’s why I go there 20 times a year to meet my son.
Vast gets shocked and says what’s his name

Shraddha says Salim.
And also I don’t want thapki to know or bihaan actually any family members because he is my son no one else’s pls promise this widow and then she starts doing crocoddle tears.
Vasundra then says ok I won’t. Shraddha smirks and says oldies I tell you are so dumb

You probably with think I made thapki negative but don’t worry she will get back to her normal self also it’s nearly eid so enjoy also I am a Muslim so I will be busy and probably won’t be able to post quickly also Pls comment so I can carry on

Credit to: Rosie

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