Swasan and raglak meeting part 23 with Thahaan new

Hi thanks for the comments so her we go.
Thapki says what about your chacha your chachi loves u way more.
Bihaan says how can a monkey love a tigeress.
Thanking fumes and says pooja look at your dadoo he is making fun of me.
Pooja cones in and says oh dad I love u but mom I love her too so stop troubling me
Bihaan says sorry princess.

He gets teary eyed because Pooja has lung cancer.
Swara asks thapki what happened to pooja ma baby.
Thanking says to her and everything is in.mute.
Swara gets shocked.
ThapkI goes and wipes her face.
Swara rings someone and says when will I get the papers today now OK thnx.
Swara goes on the stage and tells everyone about poojas health and they get shocked and teary eyed.
Someone knocks on the door and says swara madam your parcel is here.
She gathers everyone at the dining table and tells them that she arranged a donar for pooja and her tests are tmw.
Thapki hugs swara and says how can I ever repay you.
Swara says simple make sure if pooja ever needs anything then you give her or come to me.
Bihaan says but how can we ask you.
Swara says I’m your bahabi and sanskar your brother we can do this for you cant we.
Bihaan nods.
Laksh says no way.
RaginI says laksh what you saying.
Laksh says we need a hospital room for rashi filled with happiness and toys.
Everyone agrees but Thahaan hesitate but agree at the end.
Pooja doesn’t understand a thing.
Suddenly pooja faints

ThapkI screams poo .. pooja.
Bihaan sees her on the floor and runs to her and says wake up papas brave princess.
Pooja opens her eyes and says my head hurts I’m hungry.
Thapki ways haven’t you eaten and shouts at her.
The family comes and tells thapki off.
Thapki gets upset and thinks she is my daughter but gets more love off swara family.
I wish mom had loved her the same way and didn’t reject me and bihaan for something we did not know about and didn’t do
My poor baby has to suffer amongst them all thank god we gother swara says family otherwise my pooja she will die.
Bihaan comes in and shouts at thapki and says you better take care of my princess I don’t want to lose her like I lost her twin brother kansh.

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