Swasan and raglak meeting Part 21


Hi guys thnx for reading so here we go
Precap swara and thapki arent speaking to their husbands
Sanskar says swara pls forgive me na i did this
For u and u arent talking to me thats not fair.
Bihaan says the same.

Thapki and swara wink at each other.
An fb shows swara and thapki saying today will bw a memorable night for our husbands.
Swara drags sanskar to a room amd ties him to a bed.
She says sanskoo look at me because u camt touch me haha.
Swara takes off her clotjes and climbs on sanskar she takes off sanskars clothes.
Je says swaroo baby pls free me na.
Swara frees him and he starts kissing her all ober and says i love u yaar.

Swara says i know.
On the other hand while ragini os sleepimg laksh creeps up to her and says rags where is my rucha baby.
Ragini says laksh what are u saying she was right here i had juice and i camt remember anything after that.

Lakah walks out the room and says here she is she needs rashi to play with amd rashi meeds another brother.
Ragini says laksh i was planning to get a nanny for our banies so we could spemd a week in bed together and shys away.
Laksh s,ilingly says doing what.
Ragini says laksh amd kisses him amd says have s.. hahhaha.
Show takes a years leap
Swara is pregnant.
Swara has a maid .

The maid spills water on the floor and swara is about to slip when ragini quickly holds her and she turns oout to be pregnant as well.
She says swara be carefull.
Swara says di im sorry meri ma but theres water on the floor.
3 kids come running saying mumma.
Ragini sayz yes beta to laksh amd rucha wjile swara hugs rashi who is 2.
Rashi says mumma party.
Swara says no party today beta sorry.
Ragini amd swara smile because the surprise party is for rashis bthday.
She gets upset the whole day as no ome wishes her.

She goes toa room wich is cuetly decorated with baby teddy bears amd love hearts.
She finds a dress and suddenly a tape comes on saying rashi papa loves u pls wear this dress and come down please pls i know u are angry wiv papa as he is not here with u but pls listsn to jojo for this birthday and i will be with u next time promise
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Credit to: Rosie

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