Swasan and raglak meeting part 2


Hello the part 2 that’s already there is not mine and who ever is copying my story stop it now I wrote that for a different ff because I thought if I do back to back ones it will be good and it will keep me busy so pls stop if you got any respect left
Swara gets ready and goes to meet sanskar.Sanskar says Wht took you so long.Swara says a beautiful girl need to look beautiful.Sanskar says oh really then look there at my bhai and your di.Swara says WHAT she was totally shocked.Ragini enters and a song plays tune Mari entry dile me Baji ghanti Laksh gets memorised seeing ragini.
He says Ragini you didn’t take too long.Ragini reply Laksh don’t be silly I took 2 hours.Ragini I called you here because I wanted to ask when your parents would be back.Ragini says after 1 year why.laksh says if you and me could live in that house while we send Swara and sanskar my house pls pls if not your house my farmhouse only for 3 weeks pls.Ragini says yeah pick me up tmw at night and then Laksh says remember just you and me I need some time alone and confess some feelings.Swara comes home and Ragini says Swara me and Laksh are going for 3 weeks to do a science project and you and sanskar have to stay together in the same house bye.Swara was shocked and says that’s what they were talking about silly me I thought they would do something stupid but atleast I will be with sanskar I think I like him around me but not LOVE ok.Laksh picks Ragini up and they reach the farmhouse they enter and it was all decorated Laksh puts music on and asks Ragini for a dance.ragini says yeah and then Laksh says ragini I love youRagini gets shocked and ready eyed and says I love you to and they share a tight kiss on the lip Laksh takes her into the room and takes her clothes off Ragini ties Laksh to the bed and gets him naked and they have s-x
What will sanskar and Swara do together pls comment on my ff and tell me if I should continue for now bye love you muwahaaaa xxxxxxxxxxx ❤️❤️??????????????????

Credit to: Rosie

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  1. yes keep on going

  2. Same as raglak

  3. Wht do u mean rosid

    1. Be more expressive… Like the s*x scene.. I don’t enjoy it. It should be clearer.. Be more expressive.. That will attract us! No offend?

  4. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    They have s*x or made love? It’s not same thing 😉
    Nice update, but can I make a suggestion ? Try to make it a bit clear, means make some space between the convo! It’s a bit confused

  5. Ok they made love unintentionally

  6. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Hi kriya is this the same whatsapp kriya ??

  7. Thanks for commenting I will post the next one soon and then repeat the s-x scene or making love scene

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