Swasan and raglak meeting Part 19

Hi guys thnx flr the comments so here we go
Swara and laksh wake up and get ready to leave for the airport.
Sansksr says swara i cant wait our honeymoon is gonna be way better than our suhagraat.
Swara shys and thinks to herself no what if i get an attack i know he libes in swizerland .
Sanskar says who lives in swizerland.
Swara says no one im just thinking sanskar i need to talk to u now pls.
Swara says sanskoo 2 years before me met i had a boyfriend.
We were gonna cget married but he betrayed me and tried to rape me.
Sanskar gets angry and says how dare he.
Swara says sanskar u wont leave me na.
Sanskar says never i love u yaar.anyway lets go for oir honeymoo i got a surprise for u there.
Swara gets excited.
Sanskar says my rani lets go.
Swara and sanskar emotinally kiss rashi amd says dont worry mama and papa will be back in 2 months we love u.
Pari says go now we will look after princess anyways we will always video call u amd u can speak to everyone and play with rashi in some way.
Swara and sanskar board the train amd sanskar thinka wow this will be the best surprisw for swara.
He doesnt speak to swara and swara gets worriwd and says sanskar speak to me.but sanskar ignores her.
After 4 hours they reach swizerland.
Someone takes swara away. Swara says sanslar help and sanskar waves bye swara gets shocked.
Swara says how dare he i am gettimg kidnapped and he is just watchimg i will never forgive him never
Thats it for now guess what the twist is and pls comment bye love you xx xxxx ☺☺☺☺☺☺???????????

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  1. I think kidnaping was a part of sanskars surprise…..guys its just a guess anyway…the episode was short but still fabulous..

  2. Awesome…

  3. is kidnapping is sanky plan… ?

  4. nyc..plz update asap..:)

  5. U written train instead of plane

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