Swasan and raglak meeting Part 18


Hi guys i know i have done alot of raglak scenes so im gonna finish raglak scenes today and start swasan scwnws thnx for reading
Recap swasan eyelock
On the other hand while lucky is leaving he says sorry ma but i had to tie u up because i know you want laksh but no way im also yoyr son but you hated me why becausw i have disabilities no i will not lose no way.
Ragini sees ap tied up and goes to unlease her. After she had done that she followed lucky to the cellar in the house and got shocked seeing laksh tied up on the chair.
She says maa this lucky is very clever who could think to tie someone up in rheir own house.
Laksh sees them and gets teary eyed.
Then he quickly signs them by looking at the mirror where lucky is coming up.
Ragini and ap move bwhind the door and when lucky leaves they untie laksh and take him to the police station and get lucky arrested.
The show takes 6 weeks leap.
Swara is upstairs nagging sanskar at night saying i want a baby come on na.
Sanskoo says we are goin swizerland tmrw and thwn ok.
Swara says what about my cutie rashi.
Sanskar says dont worry i talked to thw family and parineeti babhi said she wants to look after my darling baby.
Swara says ok and slips on top of sanskar and they both fall down on the bed they have a eyelock and the background song jeena jeena tre bin mere handan na seeka jeena jeena tere bin mere handan
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Credit to: Rosie

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