Swasan and raglak meeting part 17


hi guys thnx for the comments I will try to make it longer but it’s just that I have exams coming up so here we go
precap lucky says lash is safe where ever laksh is
a says both of u are my kids and I will always love 7 no matter what
lucky says ma do u know about dad
ap says what he is out on a meeting
lucky says no ma he isdead because raginI and laksh had s*x before marriage
ap says I know all this while I was pretending to have a memory loss because I don’t want raginI and laksh to feel guilty
on the other hand season are having a wonderful time
sansoar takes off swarms clothes but leaves the jewellery on because he was in a hurry he ducks swara booB’s and swarm says ow and gets breathless
sansoar says it’s time now that rashI has a sibling swara understands and says OK sanskoo and swara and sanskar get imitate
the next morning swara wakes up and sees herself on top of sanskar she gets up and says ow my vagina
sanskar wakes up and says swara I love u swara says I love u to my s*xy hubby
after a while swara is seen sitting on the table sad and a fb shows where swara was In love with someone else who actually used her swara says to herself what if sanskoo betrays me like him I will die that time do saved me who will save me the next time
does sanskoo love me
sanskar enters the room and says swara I hate u get out
but that turns out to be swara imagination
swara says no what shall I do
this is killing me I need to do something fast but sanskoo loves me I said let’s get married and he agreed
sanskar enters the room and says what is wrong with my princess why is she upset
swara says sanskar do u love me will u ever betray me
sanskar says oi my princess no I won’t betray u I love you
a background song plays my heart says choocha cha
while swasan have an eye lock
pls Comment love u muwhaaaaa

Credit to: rosie

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