Swasan and raglak meeting part 16


Hi guys i am really sorry i wont ask foe comments i am in a good mood and always will be no matter what
So amupurma goes ojt and calls the fake laksh she says to him who are u i know your not my laksh.
Lookalike says i know im your other son lucky
Ap gets shocked
Whats wrong shocked! last time u gavecme away and pretended i was never there and when i was 16 you got me tortured but i escaped.why mom why did you prefer laksh over me is it because i have a disorder and I get angry alot but every child is different
Ap gets shocked and glad shw hugs and kisses lucky
Lucky pushes her and says what aee ypu doin
Ap says my son you are back i did not give you away someone kidnapped u and the police said they think your dead i was broken
Lucky says really bye mom ill go again and you think i am dead ok
Ap says no you are my son and where is laksh
Lucky says ok laksh he is safe where ever he is
Hi guys pls comment hope you have a good time love u muwhaaaaa xxxx??????????????????????????

Credit to: Rosie

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  1. Nice dear

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    Its super guuuuddd dear….but make it lil lengthier na…..pls…

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