Swasan and raglak meeting part 15


Sorry guys a girl or guy called rethavy and athivas are saying im snaching comments pls say if you think exactly the same
Fb shows anupurma sees laksh being kidnapped by a guy.
She trys telling ragini vut fails as shw sees the lookalike their
So she tries telling it by a song
She sings mera beta kidnap hoowa or uska duplicatw aya tab ma ne tujhe room me buulaya but duplicate kirki se dehraha hai.
Ragini says to her self ma is teying to tell me something
She looks at the window and sees the lookalike there
She says ma is trying to say laksh has been kidnapped and this is her duplicate now i will teach him a lesson
Ragini sings o ma meri ma me samaj gayi mera pati mera pati hai mere dil me uski yad arayi hai
The lookalike says she is missing me wow i need to quickly rape her as boss said but she looks so kind should I do it or not im so confused.
On the other hand swara and sanskar come back and everyone comes to the hall and get shocked seeig them married.
Swara says mw and sanskar got married because someone tried to kidnap me and said im no ones wifw so he can sell me so we got married
Sanskar gets stunned by her lie
They all ask swasan are they alright they both say yes and domt worry we will get married with full rituals while anupurma and ragini arw worriwd the rest of the family is really happy
Thnx for reading pls comment and also pls tsll me if you think i am snaching comments also i need 6 comments to carry muwhaaaa also you DONT HAVE TO COMMENT ALSO I DONT WANT THOSE GIRLS OR BOYS CO,,ENTS TO APPEAR WHO ARE HORRIBLE TO OTHERS

Credit to: Rosie

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  1. Sorry to say but i too feel like u ate trying to get forcefully comments i mean what is the need of asking 9 commentsss.if ur story us nice people will automatically comment

    1. Don’t care you and shalu are the same people

  2. i was a silent reader but today i will vcomment u are horrible to itherssssa still niw begging for commentssss. Have some shame

  3. Boring epiiii notjing is there… U spoiled my morning yaar

  4. I think kavi and shalu are the same persons but i agree with what kavi said not with shalu . Rosie pls stop asking for comments… U can say pls commenyt and all but dont say numbers like tjis its disgusting.sorry if i hurt u

  5. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Hi Rosie……its supeeerrrr guuuddd dear…….pls update nxt epi soooon..

  6. Nice but too short

  7. Ur story is nice but today nothing is there. All ur ideas are from setials and films nothing new… Its boringgggghh

  8. Yaa i too agree with sita singing wali idea from chennai xpress. Lookalike idea is common in many serials

  9. Nice. Pls dont hurt her like this

  10. I mean ur episode is nice

  11. Today onwards i stopped reading ur ff

  12. Pls continue its nice

  13. Sorry if i hurt u i have never watched chennai express so i didint know and i wont ask for any amount of comments but guys pls yaar i aint begging for comments once i only got 4 comments still i continued

  14. nice dear

  15. Swasan scene plz

  16. Hi it’s nice pls continue don’t bother for bad comment it’s ur right to ask comment because u spend ur time money for dis fiction..no one has right to scold you..100 worst cmoment is better than one appreciable comment..don’t give up pls come back with bang..tc

  17. nice..plz continue..

  18. Thanks hon you are the best muwhaaa I was actually really upset I felt like criying

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