Swasan and raglak meeting part 14


Hey guys sorry for the delay I am really upset due to my bf here we go
Swara says no sanskoo we will get married tmw ok
Sanskar says ok.
They both go to the temple and the background song manglam plays
And the priest says marriage is complete from today you are husband and wife
Swarm finally and my rashI will get a sibling.
On the other side lash gets kidnapped and a look alike replaces him.
Look alike enters the room and says raginI come to me I want to have s*x.
Raging walked to him suddenly amupurma shouts and says raginI will you sleep here with rucha and lakshman old.
RaginI agrees while look alike gets super angry.
Db shows amupurma seeing laksh and a man getting kidnapped and planning to save raginI and laksh at the same time
Sorry about the short update I need 7 comments to conine love u bye muwhaaaaa xxxxx ☺☺????????????????????

Credit to: Rosie

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  1. It was short but I liked it.

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  6. Sorry about it being short it’s my hand is broken so I can’t write alot

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