Swasan and raglak meeting part 13


Hi sorry about the short updates it’s just my mum got a broken hip and I’ve got a broken arm so sorry for short updates

Recap Sanskar asks his 1month daughters name.
Swara says my daughters name is ..
Before she could speak Sanskar interrupts and says our daughter name is.
Swara says rashi.
Sanskar jumps up and down and says when can I meet her tell me.
Swara says I want to bring her here but
You know na I can’t tell your family.
Sanskar says don’t worry you stay here while I go and tell them.
Sanskar goes down.
and looks upstairs at Swara and the song tujme rab dikta hai.
He calls the family in the hall and says I hope you don’t say no but me and Swara have adopted a baby girl he name is rashi pls accept her.Ecerybody gets shocked and laugh as he spoke really quickly.

They say what a baby girl you adopted her where is Swara and where is my rashi.
Sanskar says rashi my Beti is with a nanny at the moment and Swara is upstairs.
Mom I know you agreed but let’s fool Swara you are angry till today’s party pls.
They all agree and Swara hears them she says sanskoo now you watch my acting.
Sanskar goes upstairs and says Swara mom and the family didn’t agree and said we are not aloud out the house.
Swara says what but rashi is in hospital and fell down and hurt her leg and she needs blood o positive.
Sanskar says I have it worriedly and says where is she tell me my bachi.
Swara says I won’t tell you because the family said we can’t go.
Sanskar says I was joking they agreed lets go my bachi Swara come.
Swara says my sanskoo I was joking your bachi is safe and sound and is in that cot behind the sofa.
Sanskar goes
To the sofa and get memorised seeing the baby and says I love you.
Sanskoo says why did you lie to me don’t speak to me you joked on my baby’s life that is not funny I hate u.
Swara says sanskar I love the baby more than myself even if the world tells me don’t go than I will go she is my daughter.
Sanskar and Swara hug.

After a while the party begins and Swara and sanskar come down with rashi
People say they had a baby without getting married yuk.
Anupurma hears them and goes to the Speaker.she says my kids have done a
great job Swara and sanskar have
adopted a baby girl and named her rashi.Also on this happy note I declare that today is my Swara and sanskar or should I say my swaras sanskoo engagement.Swara and sanskar get happy and shocked.
They go on the stage and exchange rings.
Laksh eyes Ragini and a background song comes on tune mari entry dil mein Baji ghanti and Laksh gets Ragini on the dance floor and swasan and all 4 dance away.
Suddenly the music and lights turn off.
And a light on the stage comes on wiv utara and pari and they say how can this be complete without our dance.
The song khabi Khoi mujhe yeh na kehe oh my darling I love you form mujhe dosti karoge.Afrer everyone leaves Swara says meri honewali mom was this your surprise.Everybody laugh and say honewali mom.

Swara says like would be husband na.
Anupurma says no beta just mom for you Swara says I love you mom you look after me like your own and look at sanskoo hasn’t even asked me out.
Everybody says what he hasn’t.
Anupurma says ok then shadi cancel.
Sanskar says no mom pls wait and says Swara will you join me on a date.
Swara says ok on one condition you will do what I say for a month.
Sanskar says ok I will if we get married.
Pls comment I hope it’s long enough for you muwhaaaa ❤️❤️❤️??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????❤️?❤️❤️

Credit to: Rosie

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