Swasan and raglak meeting part 12


Hi hope u enjoy so here we go
Recap Swara sees a man and gets tensed.
Swara thinks to herself what shall I do now shit what shall I say to sanskoo.will he accept her.No I should tell him the truth we are about to get married.
Ragini says what happened Swara tell me.
Swara says didi pls don’t tell anyone.
Ragini says my bacha I won’t.
Swara says I have adopted a baby girl 1month ago and and that guy has come to give me the girl.
Ragini says what why didn’t you tell me before anyway everyone will be happy with this news.
Swara says I will tell sanskoo.
Swasan and raglak reach home.
Anupurma says beta your parents have gone to Australia so you have to stay here ok also we are arranging a special part and winks at the family.
Utara says yes Swara bhabi.
Swara says I’m not your bhabi though.
Utara says you are Ragini bhabis sis so you are my bhabi.
Swara says ok looking confused by everyone’s actions.
Anupurma says sanskar take Swara to the bedroom so she can rest.
Sanskar says ok mum.
Swasan reach the bedroom.
Swara says sanskoo baby I need to talk.
Sanskar says ok swaroo.
Swara says I’ve got a baby girl.
Sanskar gets shocked and says what you did hanky panky with someone else.
Swara says what did you say I adopted her.
Sanskoo says what’s her name.
Swara says why?
Sanskar says she is my daughter I need to know as well.
Swara says I love you sanskoo.
Sanskar says I love u more
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Credit to: Rosie

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