Swasan and raglak meeting part 11


Hello thnx for the comments so here we go
Ragini and Swara reach downstairs.
Anupurma says beta what took so long.
Swara stares at sanskar and says nothing Aunty sanskoo wanted to inspect his room to see if I haven’t moved his things and he found my hair in the hair brush and said I’m horrible.
Laksh and Ragini smirk on swaras lie.
Sanskar says hey mom she is telling lies.
You know na Swara loves to complain.
Swara says what.
She chases sanskar.
They reach the terrace and Swara falls down……
Sanskar says swarooooo nooo.
Everyone comes outside and gets shocked and says Swara kya hoowa.
Swara says Aunty beFore I die I would like to say I love sanskar and wanted to marry him also I slipped sanskoo didn’t push me pls don’t misunderstand him.
Ragini says no Swara yours and sanskar wedding will happen we will take u to the hospital.
Sanskar picks Swara up and puts her in the car and drives off to the hospital with Laksh and Ragini and the 2 kids (they couldn’t leave the kids behind because Swara said I want to see them infront of me)
They reach the hospital and the doctor says oh my god she is very critical we need blood for her fast.
Ragini says doctor take my blood we have the Same a positive.
Doc says no you have 2 newborns and its dangerous for the kids.
Sanskoo says I have o positive I will give it pls doc save my Swara she is my life.
Doc says we will try our best.
They all go In while Ragini says God if you don’t save Swara it will be your defeat not mine Swara made me believe in you and your taking her life away today I say this is your test not ours you have to send my Swara back.
After a while the doc comes and says congrats the operation was succesful.
Swara gains conscious and says where’s. Sanskoo.
Ragini says he has gone temple because you 2 are getting married.
Also u have his blood in you.
Swara says blood how.
Ragini says my bacha he gave you blood.
Swara gets tensed as she sees a boy there who she knows from the past and no one knows about him.
What is the twist?
How is Swara related to the guy?
Pls comment and give your thoughts
Love you muwhaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxx ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????????????????????? I need about 8 comments thank you for reading

Credit to: Rosie

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