Swasan and raglak meeting part 10

Hi I can’t believe I’m on part 10 already hurray and thanks to the comments so here we go

Swara and sanskar leave raglak room.
Sanskar says meri swaroo listen na.
Swara says swaroo that’s so cute mere sanskoo.
Sanskar says in my room I’ve got coffee in there for us two.
Swara says ok.
When they enter Swara accosently puts sleeping pills in the coffee machine.
Swara says sanskar I can’t wait till we get married.
Sanskar whispers I can’t wait for our suhaagrat where you and me together having ……
Swara says sanskoo chup.she blushes.
Sanskar gets mesmerised by her beauty.
They both drink the coffee and go to the bed and sit after a while they both dose off in each other’s arms.

The next morning raglak enter sanskar room.
They both get shocked seeing swasan together.
Laksh says ragini lock the door while I wake them up.
Rhino says ok.she locked the door while Laksh wakes Sanskar and Swara up.
Anupurma knocks on the door and says Swara beta it’s me your Aunty and all four get shocked but lakshman starts criying.
Swara says Aunty pls give me 45mins I’ve got Lakshman and he’s criying aur mein uski nappy change carrahi hoon.
Swara quickly has a bath and gets ready while Ragini Laksh and Sanskar are sitting there.
Swara comes out and tells Laksh Sanskar to hide let di lie down and pretend she is asleep.
Ragini exclaims no dear this is wrong.
Swara says pls pls di also mine and sanskoo wedding is at risk.
Finally ragini agrees and fakes to be asleep with rucha next to her.
Anupurma comes in and says was Ragini here all night with the 2 kidos.
Swara says yeah didi had a headache and came here so I could help her look after roo And lakshoo.
Anupurma laughs and says nice nicknames aren’t they.

What will happen next?
Will swasan get married?
Who will be the villain?
Pls comment I need 8 comments to carry on xxxxxxxxxxx love u xxxxxxxxxxx ??????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????❤️???????????????????????????????????????????

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