Swasan and raglak meeting intro


Hello I am Rosie I really love raglak and swasan
Ragini and swara are sisters who are adopted
Laksh and Sanskar who are brothers as well as besties

Part 1
Ragini is goin to collage and wakes swara up swara quickly gets ready and takes her parents blessings when they enter collage Sanskar and swara bang in to each other and argue
After a while Laksh comes and says stop it Sanskar just apologise we are getting late for class and ragini comes crying and tells swara a group of boys are following her
Laksh gets angry and asks ragini who are they swara says oi mister we will sort it Sanskar says bhai leave it Sanskar takes laksh aside and says bhai why don’t we leave and follow these girls and when they are in trouble we will go and help them if they SAY ok bhai otherwise it’s up to u you say you will go and come back humiliated I won’t come if you go and if you listen to my plan then I will come by the way are you sure you they will let us help them Sanskar you talk a lot but don’t do anything

Ragini calm down swara sees a stick and picks it up she goes and tries to whack the guys and they take her scarf off swara screams and Sanskar comes and shout how dare u and takes his jacket off and covers swara ragini runs and laksh comes there and beats the guys up and says how dare u touch a women I will kill you

Pls comment so I can carry on love u guys ❤️????❤️❤️❤️

Credit to: Rosie

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  1. its so gud.. plz carry on and update the next part soon

  2. good

  3. Thank u guys love u next part will be updated soon

  4. Ummmm…maybe after the 1st chapter Il understand the story so please keep updating, by the way who are the pairs ?? And rosie please be a little specific abt who’s telling what to whom. It confused me a bit soo…please don’t mind it was just a suggestion.

  5. Fab……???

  6. Super introduction

  7. Ok kavya but I don’t want to do it like a script

  8. Thank you I will update the next one tdy

  9. Wow this is so good can’t wait for next ep Rosie I know you are really good at writing ff

  10. Nice start… Please continue

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