SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 9)

Hello frnds so I want one answer from all you who listened uttara sid talk so ur hint is person is from MM only

Recap : dinner date vth family members uttara
sid plan but it back fires on them only

Next episode
In college
Ragini is thinking something seriously
Then only some one tapped her
Ragini : Hooo come and sit
Laksh : what are you thinking Ragini
Ragini : nothing
Laksh : don’t hesitate say na I will help you
Ragini : really again u shouldn’t say no to me
Laksh : k say
Ragini : nothing I want to roam city
Laksh : k we will roam
Ragini : sir first listen completely
Laksh : hoo sorry say
Ragini : but vth out money
Laksh : Ragini that’s it
Ragini : yaaa
Laksh : k if I satisfy u will u give me what I want
Ragini : kkk
Ragini and Laksh left the college by leaving their phones and wallets in lockers but our
Ragini taken one credit ? vth her for safety

Laksh :Ragini will u see real life style of people
Ragini : I know Laksh my bhai roamed me like that to improve way of thinking
Laksh : not like that Ragini
Ragini : Laksh we are friends are strangers
Laksh : u r friends
Ragini : so call me as rago
Laksh : Kk but u won’t call me as lucky
Ragini : what
Laksh : yes when u don’t call me as lucky y should I call you as rago
Ragini : kkk lucky
Laksh : that’s Gud
Ragini : then what will you show me
Laksh : Haa I will take u to faviorte spots for
that we have walk
Ragini : kkkk
Laksh and Ragini roamed one part of city where only rich kids spoil there life
Ragini : lucky can I know the reason bring me here
Laksh : rago we will see the poor with that we will learn to help them

But real poor people are these because if u
want listen to them
In that place means like ground
All r having wine whisky playing
In that time Laksh mixed one vomit tablet and
given to one person
He had it
After five min he started to vomit then one of his group members suggested him to go to
home but that person said
It’s better to die a person rather die in home because here at least we see if die but if I am in home y parents won’t notice me after death also
because they r busy in earning profits to give
me luxury life but they forgot to spend time with me

Ragini has tears in her eyes
Laksh : rago don’t cry I brought u here to show
how much blessed to have a parents who show care for me or you
Ragini : lucky thanks and Haa ur very bad
Laksh : can I know the reason for my
Ragini : thanks for how much I am blessed to have parents like them and bad for making me
Laksh : Kk by saying that he started eating
Ragini : lucky
Laksh : what
Ragini :r u kid to eat chocolate
Laksh : there is any rule that kid only should eat
Ragini ??
Laksh : Kk say where you want to go
Ragini : I am feeling hungry
Laksh : so u want food
Ragini : yes before Ragini could say anything
Laksh : vth out money right
Ragini :no no
Laksh : rago please
Ragini : but lucky it’s not correct
Laksh : rago can I ask you onething
Ragini : what
Laksh : how old are you
Ragini : 22
Laksh : no ur 60
Ragini : what ?
Laksh : yes u are behaving like that only it’s not correct it’s not good who will marry you will become mad in one day
Ragini : lucky I won’t leave you
They started like that
Laksh :rago u said u r hungry
Ragini : but how can be able to eat vth out money
Laksh : I have an idea
Ragini : what
Laksh : come vth me
They both went to fruits shop
They ate all fruits by saying to taste
after that they said they will buy afterwards
They roam whole city Laksh showed different places different people different life styles
They really tired

Ragini: lucky I am tired I can’t walk now
Laksh : just a little far Rago we will reach our college
RagIni : please lucky
Laksh : kkk wait he taken her into arms till college because they returned in jungle way so nobody are there after reaching road
He put her down and went into college
Ragini : lucky will please drop till my home I feeling tired
Laksh : come Ragini
They went home he dropped her and went to college

In the same time in office
Sid: what happened to everyone y they didn’t asked me my decision
He is thinking like that just then sanskar entered
Sanskar : good morning Mr. Gadodia
Sid : good morning sanskar
Sanskar : I want permission from u
Sid: what you want
Sanskar : nothing I want to take swara out
Sid : yy
Sanskar : for scolding her to forgive me she want ice-cream
Sid laughed and said Kk take her to near Golden park u will also feel better
Sanskar laughed
Sid (monologue) : all behaving normal uttara is not lifting my phone also
Sanskar taken her golden park
Swara : thank you sanskar wait how did you know that I love this who said for u
Sanskar : ur bhai
Swara : Kk come we will eat which flavor u like
Sanskar : swara seriously u will in road side unhygienic
Swara : hello mister I used to daily from 10 class see how I am fit
If you want eat eat otherwise keep quite

Sanskar : Kk come which one u want
Dada : swara beti y u didn’t come last night I waited for u
Swara :sorry dada come give my ice cream
S dada gave two chocolate ice cream
Dada : beti who is this one
Swara : mera frnd dada .
Dada : Babu what you want
Sanskar : give me what you gave to swara
Dada laughed and gave him
Swara is eating like a kid and enjoying like a kid
After eating swara didn’t satisfied but hesitate to ask sanskar then dada came and gave another ice cream

Dada : beti take this
Swara : thank you dada
While taking ice cream swara touched Dada hand burning like anything
Swara : Dada r u having fever
Dada (lied) : no beti I am fine
Swara : make a promise on me and say truth
Dada : nothing beti I have waited for u till morning so I think I got light fever
Just sanskar came and saw swara is crying he don’t know what he rushed to her

Sanskar : what happened swara
Swara : sanskar give 1000 rupees to Dada
Sanskar gave vth out asking anything
swara :dada don’t do like this please.
Dada : Kk beti u don’t cry and ha I don’t want money please I earned enough
Swara : no dada please
Dada take and left to home due to pressure of swara
Sanskar : what happened swara
She said what happened and she is cry
Sanskar laughed because she crying kid swara got angry
Swara : y r u laughing ??
sanskar : nothing come we have leave home other wise
Ur bhai will Kill me said keeping expression on his face swara laughed

In home MM
uttara : I have to go to temple but where is my phone
Just then see her phone it has 15 missed calls from sid
Uttara : o god she called him
Sid : sweety y r u not answering my calls asked in husky voice
Uttara blushed : not patidev but ha when should I come to temple
Sid : come after 30 min
Uttara : Kk I will start after 30 min

So frnds please guess who listened their talks and say answer in comments

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