SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 8)


Hai frnds thanks for ur response
Recap : sid and it uttara accepted to meet them for proposal anjali’s gift for uttara swalak rocked and ragsan shocked
In college Ragini is talking to her self
If he said that he is topper then I wouldn’t believe he judged me very well went from there

Pari phone is ringing from long time
So uttara picked up
Sid : Pari r u bringing doll or not for dinner
Uttara didn’t understand anything she asked this
Uttara : can I know who is talking
Sid : Hooo now u forgot ur frnd also whaaa Kk I am ur frnd come bhai sid first say ur bringing doll or not
Uttara understand that he is sid before she could say that she is uttara he continues his talk
Sid : oy if I don’t know ur sasural also then also I m mamu for doll and I have full rights on her because ur my sister gifted by god so chup chap bring her I keeping the phone I have urgent work kkkbye
Uttara: I think he is tension Kk I will say Bhabi
Pari : what are you thinking uttara
Uttara : sid called u Bhabi
Pari : for what to bring doll only I think he don’t know that u talked him not me
Uttara : yes Bhabi
Pari : laughed I know because he is angry on me
Uttara : can I know the reason
Pari : nothing uttara I left the school due to some problems in middle only in school he is used to take care like his sis so I left that with out informing him no only I cooled him with the help of doll but his condition is bring doll for dinner I think it’s not correct
Uttara : Bhabi bring her also we all will enjoy
Pari : kkk u r wish Again don’t complain’t me for ur spoiled dinner uttara laughed at her

In office
Sanskar is shocked
Swara : Mr sabskar please don’t scold me again today bhai is on leave so on pressure of my papa I sat here and ha I already told them that u only scolded me so dont worry ur file is here by saying she ran from there
Sanskar before could realize she ran from there
He thinking what happened till now
Swara again came
For ?which kept in his file
Sanskar is staring her with out blinking his eyes she called his three times then he came into senses
Sanskar : what you want miss swara
Swara : what I want is is
Sanskar : say don’t hesitate
Swara : I kept my ?in ur file please give it to me
Sanskar gave her she ran from there
Sanskar laughed at her
In evening dinner time to enjoy vth doll sid told them to come early
To give some privacy they special dinner for them in MM farm house

Laksh sanskar Adrash Pari doll and uttara reached first farm house uttara is getting ready in her room in farmhouse
Remaining seeing arrangements
Doll is playing with duck’s which r in farmhouse
She just then sid and Ragini came in car and our shona came on her scooty with ice cream box and so many ?and ? by seeing them doll ran to her
Doll : Hai shona
Pari : avi she is elder than don’t talk like that
Shona : it’s kkk di
Sid : hey doll
Doll : Hai uncle
Sid : u r very bad
Doll : y uncle
Sid : ur mom didn’t told you
Doll : mama what uncle is saying
Pari : nothing avi u should call him mamu then only he will talk to u
Sid : not only that u also should call me bhai then only I will talk to you
Pari has tears in her eyes Adrash is very happy because she is lonely for not having maika
Then all enjoying but our swara is busy in searching for someone
Just then
Laksh : Hai Ragini
Ragini : Hai Laksh

Laksh : it’s Kk leave it it’s family time
Ragini : Kk where is Bhabi yaar
Laksh : without there permission
U decided
Ragini :laksh I said for you before only
Laksh laughed
Sanskar : hey lucky come here
Laksh : Ragini come I will introduce you to my best friend
He dragged her to sanskar
Laksh : bhai she is Ragini my junior Ragini he is my bhai come best friend
Ragini : so u r sanskar
Sanskar : yaaa any problem
Ragini : u only scold my shona
Laksh : what when bhai
Sanskar : sorr
Ragini : it’s Kk if anyone in ur place they will also react like no need of formalities
So let’s frnds
Given her hand to shake
Sanskar : kkk frnds

In mean time uttara came
Sid didn’t see her he is busy in playing vth doll
Adrash came near uttara
Adrash : Uttara
Uttara : ha bhai
Adrash : don’t loose him uttara he is a gem
Uttara didn’t understand anything because he is meeting him second time seen her bhai ?
Adrash told what ever happened
Uttara is happy for Pari
So after sometime they send uttara and sid to lonely place to have some privacy

In this time swara is not talking vth sanskar
Sanskar dragged her to her to alone place vth out seeing anyone
Sanskar covered her mouth vth his hands
Sanskar : what r u thinking of urself ha I said for u sorry also then what ur problem ha I am just asking for friendship but u r running like a rocket
Swara is simply seeing him and mesmerized by seeing him in closeup
sanskar : reply me
Swara is seeing him indicating that his hands on her mouth
Sanskar take off his hands and said sorry
Swara : it’s kkk no problem I will accept ur friend ship but u should not scold me for eating ??
And ha u have to take me out during late night because in soon bhai is going to engaged so I have to give sometime for bhai to spend vth Bhabi sanskar smiled by seeing her and said kkk
In this time uttara and sid cake out and said we want to go home all r worried because they didn’t tell their answer
So hurriedly they went home
To get their answer

In GM after that sid didn’t talk vth anyone went to his room all r dissapointed
In night swaragini are not getting sleep to clarify their doubts Swara called Laksh Laksh also said samething
Next morning
As usual sid wake up by ringing of his mobile without seeing caller he lift it
Sid : hello
Uttara : good morning my dear would be hubby gave morning kiss ?
Sid : thank you and haaa meet me in temple vth out informing anyone due to their bad luck some one listened it told to all
So now swara sanskar Ragini and Laksh become one team and decided to tease them
So after getting fresh sid came down for breakfast and expecting alot questions
But due to his surprise all r busy in their work
Swara : bhai u r late we have to go office
Sid ?: yes we will go
Shyam : sid u have meeting today with karma industry by listening name sid face light up like a bulb
Shekar : from today onwards Adrash maheswari will see that project
Sid : what
Anjali : what happened
Sid : nothing
Swaragini are supressing their laugh by seeing him
Same position in MM also vth uttara

So frnds please guess who is that person listened their talks guess
And sorry guys today I am busy in my work tomorrow u I will upload big episode vth swasan love story and RAGLAK friendship sorry please

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