SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 7)


Hello frnds thank you for wonderful comments and please imagine sid and uttara as Ravi dubey and his wife
Recap : dinner in GM swalak friendship sid shocked face and sujatha praying to god to accept the proposal

Episode starts
Laksh : mom I want to say something to u
Sujtha : Haa Laksh say
Laksh : mom please call me lucky I know that u only kept this name for me please call me like that only
Sujtha : Hooo my buttering me too much what u want
Laksh : mom I thought to help u in convincing uttara di Kk I won’t help now
Sujtha : what really u will help seriously
Can I know the reason reason
Laksh : mom don’t u know that bhai always used to chat his name daily for his success and today I saw him how is used take her sibling as her own sister so I decided I will call him as jiju from now onwards
AP all are shocked because they know that he love di but they don’t that he is so much responsible in family matter because he used to be like a kid
Sujtha is very proud to be mother of lucky

Uttara’s room
Pari : uttara r u busy
Uttara : no Bhabi
Pari : I want to ask you something
Uttara : y r u hesitating ask na
Doll : bua they all are planning to send you out from this house permanently
Pari : princess please be quite
Doll :kkk u only ask I am going I want to play vth my dad
Uttara : what Bhabi
Pari : uttara a proposal came for u
Uttara : Kk Bhabi I will see him if my heart say accept I am k
Pari : u know him uttara
Uttara :about whom you are talking
Pari : my frnd sid
Uttara : what vth shocked face
Sid : Papa dad what they are talking is true
Shekar : sid come and sit here
Sid : papa say me answer
Shyam : sid come and sit first
Sid sat b/w Shekar and Shyam
Shekar : sid u r not kid u explain all things but marriage is a wonderful relationship where you will find urself completely
Shyam : and who will help you in both good and bad times without thinking of herself
Shekar : because of ur ma and mom we both are in this position
Shyam : sid can I say one thing marriage may be arranged or love trust is the basic because for this ur papa ma and dad and mom are example
Shekar : me and misthi marriage is arranged one ur dad and mom are love
Swaragini and sid : what r u saying truth
Anjali : yes we eloped by help ur papa me and ur dad get marriage
Misthi : sid if you like any girl u say we don’t have any problem
Sid : no mom I don’t love anyone
Swaragini : then what is ur problem
Sid : oy ? sis be quite for something
Shekar : then what
Sid : nothing papa
Shekar : sid u r already 27 it’s correct age

Tomorrow vth swaragini u r going out uttara and their family members remaining parents u talk vth her freely if you Kk then only we will go to next step there is no compulsion beta
Sid : kkk I don’t have any problem papa
Tomorrow I will meet her
And after I will say my decision
Swaragini : we know ur decision bhai by saying this they ran from there
Uttara : r u serious Bhabi
In mean time AP and Sujtha came there they both said what Laksh said about sid uttara unknowingly blushed and she will go but she won’t wear Saree she said she will Jean and top
They all are happy
Both GM and MM
In late night Sujtha called anjali
Phone conversation
Anjali : hello who is dis
Sujatha : anjali I am Sujtha
Anjali : ha suju say did uttara accept proposal
Sujtha ha anju she blushed also but she kept condition that she will wear jeans and top
Anjali : no problem suju actually sid used like who look modern and should have traditional values
Suju : but uttara don’t have dress so I have to go for shopping will company me by this reason we can also chit chat about our childhood what you say
Anjali : what you said is correct but u don’t worry I will design her dress and I will send you tomorrow afternoon u please say her to accept it from my and my didi side
Sujtha : my daughter Is blessed to have like this mother in laws
Anjali : suju u r forgetting something when we are in childhood what we used to say we will marry our children so that we came be like this only so it’s happening
Sujtha: kkk bye anju
Anjali : Kk bye

Next day morning
Swara and Ragini are sleeping as usual not special to their surprise sid also still sleeping because dreaming about her future wife
Misthi : what happened to sid today till now he is sleeping
Anjali : I think he is dreaming about his future wife
To their surprise swara woke up early came to Kitchen
Anjali : didi I think I am dreaming
Misthi : what happened to you suddenly
Misthi also swara and shocked
Swara : mom what I should for today dinner and ma I want same dress for me and rago
Anjali : shona this dinner is for ur bhai
Not for u
Swara : mom I will impress di from my side to promote me to call her as Bhabi what you say
Misthi : kkk go and wake up ur rago and ur bhai
Swara: what bhai is stilling sleeping
Kkk I will go wake up him
anjali :shona don’t put effort ur brain if you r cooking something in ur mind please stop it against my beta I won’t leave you
Swara : mom y will do like this he is my bhai
By keeping innocent face
misthi :anjali don’t scold her shona u go and wake up him
Swara went from there she went and waked rago they decide to tease him
In sid’s room he sleeping peacefully because he didn’t slept last night discussion
Swaragini poured water on him at time sid get up by jerk so war started in GM

In mm
Uttara as usual she is busy in office pending work
Sujtha : uttara
Uttara : haaa chachi
Sujtha : I have request for u will u accept it
Uttara : chachi u no need to request me u can order me
Sujtha : anjali send u dress for today dinner
Uttara : chachi I said before only that I won’t wear Saree
Sujtha : she sent jeans and top only
Uttara :kk chachi I wear it
Uttara (monologue) :by this I can judge him his interest in home matters

In office
By swara stubborn sid take leave and sat in home but swara is succeed in stopping coming from office but he continued it from home
Sanskar came office for some work but swara is stting in his place if any new person entered cabin they won’t understand because she turned her chair to wall side
Sanskar entered his cabin
Sanskar : hello Mr. Siddhart I came hear to say something
Swara is listening quietly because she is fear that he will again scold him
Sanskar : actually u r sister is like that from before yesterday because of me only I scolded her
So I want to clear it only because in future u came to know by anyone it won’t be good so sorry can u call her once to this cabin because she avoiding me
Swara slowly turned her chair
Sanskar shocked swara rocked
In main road Laksh is struggling with his bike Ragini came there
Ragini :hai Laksh what happened
Laksh : Hai Ragini my bike is troubling me today so much
Ragini : if don’t have any problem shall we go on my scooty
Laksh : kkk but I will ride
Ragini : kkk no problem
Laksh : Ragini can I ask one thing
Ragini :ha Laksh what
Laksh : is ur bhai is happy vth this proposal
Ragini : actually he is happy or not I don’t know but he is blushing like girl from night onwards
Laksh laughed

Laksh : will u accept my di as ur Bhabi
Ragini : Laksh I already decided she is only my Bhabi because she selected by shona
Shona is very mature while taking decision she will particular If it’s comes to bhai
She will her life also for bhai without thinking once not only for bhai for me also
In this time they both reached college
Laksh : Kk bye Ragini see u evening
Ragini : how much u scored in first year
Laksh : Ragini if say u won’t believe me so this my no check urself don’t wrong and went from there
Ragini :checked from middle he didn’t find she thought he failed

So again stared from bottom to top she is shocked by seeing his name top list that he is university topper
So here Laksh rocked Ragini shocked
Kkk guys see u tomorrow bye

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