SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 5)


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recap : RAGLAK conversation and shona identity reveal to sanskar

In college
Ragini : ur brother of uttara glad to meet you
And my shona told me to give you ?in her style for saving me
Laksh : it’s kkk and Haa I am very happy for seeing bro pic if you don’t mind shall I see your sis photo
Ragini : y any special reason
Laksh : nothing like that my sis told me that she like me in behaviour
And Laksh started searching for something in Ragini hands
Ragini : Laksh r u searching for anything
Laksh : yes u sis told you to give ?but you didn’t gave me
Ragini : ? u r really like shona only waiting for ?like kid
Laksh feel embarrassed but for him his ?first
Laksh : don’t laugh that much take ur money give me my ?and show me your sis pic
Ragini : kkk take it ur pen and ?this is my shona
Ragini showed his pic
In mean time his frnd came shravan
Shravan: lucky what r u doing here we searching for u whole
Laksh : what happened yaar
Sharvan:lucky today results yaar
Ragini shocked because Laksh is simling
Laksh ?: I know I won’t fear because my di told me all the best so I will score good
With Ragini shocked because he is talking like shona only
Because she also used to do same vth sid
while results
Ragini : I will leave I have to submit some certificate in office block
Laksh : Kk thanks for giving my pen back and say thanks to shona for ????
shravan :lucky we will go notice board yaar they will paste results anytime
Ragini is going from there
And again listen some talks
Shravan : arey yaar what she will think about you
Laksh : she will think that I am good guy
Shravan : no she will think that ur a kid
Laksh : Kk no problem it’s her view by saying he gone from there

Sanskar entered home while shouting her di
Sanskar : di where are you di di calling her loudly
Uttara : sanskar what happened y r u shouting
Sanskar : di swara and shona are one
In AP and Sujatha came
Ap: what happened uttara y he is shouting like that
Uttara : I don’t know mom
Sanskar : di answer me first swara and shona are same person
Uttara : yess sanskar yesterday I also told u that she said sorry and gave me ?what happened did u scold her
Snaskar by keeping down his head
Sanskar : yes di he told whatever happened till today
Uttara : sanskar how many times I told you before you speak think once
Sanskar: I don’t know di I can’t control myself if anyone scold u sorry
Sujtha : uttara don’t scold him he will ask sorry sanskar : thanks chachi yes I will ask sorry
Uttara : Kk now go fresh and come i
prepared food
Sanskar : ha I forgot to say today evening we r going to GM for dinner including doll
Pari came down
Pari : yes just now sid called me to invite doll because shona is eager to see her
Uttara : kkk now go and come
Sanskar : nkkkk I will come now
Laksh entered MM with simling
Laksh ?: di where are you
Uttara : lucky I am here only say
Laksh : di I topped in our university
Sujtha : didi I think they corrected my sons paper by closing their eyes
Laksh :?mom I wrote very well because di helped me
AP : Sujtha y u will always tease him
Laksh : went from there ?uttara gone back of him to console him
Sujtha : didi chalo ghara ka halwa banate Hai
Lucky ka favorite hai
AP : Sujtha y u always tease him
Sujtha : didi my one and only son
All used to pamper him alot anyone should be there to tease him
While have tears her eyes
This was listened by both uttara and Laksh
They went from there silently
In evening GM
Misthi and anjali are preparing snacks for guests
Shekar and Shyam sid are discussing on something
Ragini just returned from college
Ragini : dad what special all r busy where is shona
Shyam : beta today maheswari family coming from dinner
Ragini : what u didn’t told me
Shekar : it’s a special visit Ragini u should understand
Ragini : Kk papa where is shona
Shyam : I think she is sleeping go wake up her they will come at any time
Ragini: kkk bye dad
Sid : papa what special visit
Shekar : nothing
In mean time maheswari family entered GM
Again uttara wear saree because AP and Sujtha insisted to wear it
First doll entered with purple frock
Went and closed sid with her tiny βœ‹
Doll : uncle did you remember me
Sid : I think ur doll
Doll : where is shona aunty
Ragini came down to ask help from sid to wake up shona
By seeing them she became quite
Just then misthi and anjali enters with tea and snacks
By anjali Sujtha
Sujtha : anjaliiiiii
Anjali : she is shocked later Suji how are you
All r shocked because till now anjali don’thave contact with her frnds after marriage due to some reason
Sujtha : anjali how r u after so many years I am so happy
Didi I used to say u about my frnd anjali
AP : Hooo u r her frnd she used to stay about you daliy
Anjali had tears because they both best friend
Sujtha : anjali r u still eating ?in late night
Anjali : r u eating ?till
All member understand why lucky and shona r behaving in same manner
All laughed at them
But our sid is. Busy in seeing uttara and sanskar is busy in searching for shona
Ragini : bhai I have some work please help me
But our sid is his own world
Uttara observed him but felt happy because the hot handsome man is staring him
Uttara : r u Ragini
Ragini : yes u r uttara di right
Uttara : yes where is shona
Ragini is hesitate to say
Uttara : don’t be like that feel free is she sleeping
Ragini : yes how do know
Uttara : because I know she is same like lucky
Ragini : who is lucky
Uttara :Laksh Nick name lucky
Chalo we will wake up her
Ragini : she wont wake up until listen bhai voice
Uttara :??kk

Shekar : Ragini sid take sanskar uttara and Laksh we have to talk
Doll : I won’t go up until I see shona
Pari : Avantika we should not talk like that
Anjali : Pari leave her I am there know I will she her
So uttara sanskar Laksh went to first Ragini room
Uttara : where is shona
Ragini : di in our home we three rooms r interlinked
Except sid
All shocked what
Ragini : yess because without eating ice cream shona won’t sleep at night
She will go without saying anyone so by this we can safe sid bhai will take her to ice-cream
Sanskar laughed
Laksh : yess it’s good manner
All seen him alien
Laksh : y all of u seeing like this
Nothing all said union
Ragini : di it’s my room next shona next sid bhai because for safety
Uttara : chalo I want to shona
Ragini : bhai I want to say something
Sid : what happened rago
Ragini : bhai shona is very dull from yesterday
Sanskar feel guilty
Uttara seen sanskar
Sid : yes rago yes night she ate only half I’ve cream
I don’t know what happened she is very stubborn
Ragini : bhai come we will wake up her
Sid : what she is sleeping still u didn’t said me till now
Ragini : come near him said in his ears
I told you but u r busy in staring someone
Kk they all went to shona room
She is sleeping like a kid by covering bed sheet fully and hugging her tweety sanskar is awestruck by her beauty and her innocence uttara is simling because she is like a kid only
Sid : shona wake up
Ragini : shona wake up
Swara : rago come and sleep and bhai don’t dare to disturb me if you disturb me now then today night I will roam whole Calcutta
All laughed at her
Uttara : shona to meet you I came then also u won’t wake up
Swara : rago to imitate like by uttara di I kick u out of my room
Uttara : shona I am real wake up and see
Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw uttara
She standup on bed by excitement
She is in night dress
Sanskar is staring her without blinking eyes and Laksh is feeling jealous because he won’t like if anyone come near her di
Swara : di she hugged her
Just then she saw sanskar and new person in her room including bhai and Ragini swara is shocked and all others laughed at her

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