SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 4)


Hai frnds happy friend ship day to all and for anjali because she wished me kkk come let’s start our episode vth recap
Recap : Pari ,sid swara and doll masti
Raglak sudden meet

Today’s episode
In evening maheswari mansion
All are having tea and snacks
Just then uttara came from office
She also joined vth family
AP : ramu get some water for uttara
Uttara : Haa kaka get me coffee also feeling head ache
Sujatha : Kya hua uttara r u not feeling well
Uttara : nothing chachi due stress in work I am alright
Sujatha : take leave for one day uttara
Uttara : no no chachi I am fine if I take leave
how can they manage
AP : Sujatha tek kaharihi Hai u take leave then we also Know how sanskar will handle this
If u think anything is wrong u can suggest sanskar
It will be helpful for him also
Uttara : kkk mom I will take leave but I have
confidence in bro he will complete the vth out my help
Sujatha : isss bhanae tho hum ko apni beti ke
sath vakt mlithe hai
Uttara : chachi I love u so much for me ur first
Than my mom

AP : lo all love Sujtha only but I am alone
Sujtha : didi for me ur first
They hug each other
Just then DP RP sanskar Adrash came from office
RP : Uttara how are you sanskar told me that ur
not feeling
Uttara : I am fine chachu just headache now I am fine
DP : it’s Kk u take leave for one week Uttara
sanskar will handle this project
AP : we also said same thing to uttara
Sujatha : sanskar u have to prove urself
Sanskar : hmm chachi mai Puri koshshi karegini

Now Laksh came from GM
Uttara : lucky I miss you so much today
Laksh: what happened di y r u talking newly
Uttara : today I met Siddhart sis she is same like you what her name Shona she treated me like u treat me home
Note : uttara and Laksh have special bonding with each other
Sanskar heard it but he don’t know that swara and shona are same
Just then Pari and doll came
AP: Pari where r u till now
Doll is sleeping in Pari hands
Pari : mom today we went to Golden park there I met my frnd sid I mean Siddhart gadodia
Uttara : when Bhabi till now he is in office only before I came here he is also in office
Pari : he came for his sis what her name shona she is crying
Uttara : what happened Bhabi
Pari : u don’t know uttara but our doll changed her mood
U know one thing when I said that ur my nanad shona is very happy
Uttara : mom and chachi I told you na she is just like kid but thinks in very mature way
Sanskar is really impressed by shona
Uttara : mom I will go to my room I will take rest
Bhabi give doll I will take room
Pari : thanks uttara
Uttara went upstairs
Pari : mom papa Chacha chachi sanskar Laksh and Adrash ji I want to talk to you about one thing
DP : anything important Pari
Pari : ha papaji
AP : bolo beta
Pari : I think sid is good choice for uttara
Laksh : what (shocking)
Pari : lucky let me complete first
Sujatha : Pari we don’t know anything about them how can you think that he is prefect for uttara
Pari : till today I don’t know that he is from gadodia family because in our school surname are not allowed and he knew that I am orphan he used to treat me as sister and he only told the values of family and improved my skills in school
DP : what ever Pari saying is right we enquiry their family then we will decide till then don’t say uttara
Sanskar : papa I know about them very well like Bhabi said sid will be prefect for di

In gadodia mansion
After giving all kitchen work to sid remaining all assembled in out side lawn
Swara : excuse me every one I want to say something to all of you
Shekar : what shona
Swara : papa I have selected my future Bhabi
Misthi and anjali : what?????
Swara : ha mom, ma
Shyam : who’s that princess
Swara : uttara dugraprasad maheswari
Shekar : r u serious
Swara : yes papa u didn’t like it
Ragini : shona remaining I don’t know but I obey vth u because I know how much you bhai
Swara : thanks rago papa dad say ur answer
Shekar : what is this doll I didn’t expect from u dis
Swara : what happened dad Did I say anything wrong
Shyam :yess u did very big mistake
Shekar : u spoiled our surprise we thought to same thing before but u spoiled it
In mean time swara has tears in his eyes
Misthi: Shekar ji see your princess is crying because of ur prank I f sid got to know about this he will do thandav for both sis crying and marriage proposal
Swara : ma o think bhai like uttara di
All members : what by keeping shocked face
Swara : if you want I prove it
Misthi and anjali : first I want to see that girl
Swara :ma mom I know u will ask this that’s y I got her pic in my mobile
Shekar: misthi u know what I remember my sister in law anjali she is just like her when I met her first time
Both have tears in their eyes but they covered it

By seeing their children
Misthi and anjali saw her pic they said she is beautiful
Shekar : not from outside but her heart is so pure and very values all are good
Then Shekar told whatever happened in meeting room
Misthi and anjali scolded swara and swara said what ever happened after that
Ragini saw sid coming and sign ed family all became quite
Sid : what happened all become quite by seeing me
Swara: nothing bhai they are scolding me
Sid : y r u scolding my princess
Ragini : because asking ur lady CEO of other company
Sid : uttara said by simling himself all noticed his antics
Sid : yes princess what you did was wrong
All r shocked because till now he didn’t support any one that to in the absence of that person
Sid : kkk leave it have pokoda s
Shona did you select scooty for rago
Swara : rago will select na what the need of me
Sid and Ragini : chup chap select the scooty
Swara : kkk easy guys I will select

Next day morning
In college
Laksh is waiting for Ragini actually not for Ragini but for his pen ???
In canteen Laksh is having masthi because they don’t have college because joining of junior at the same time today there result
Ragini : where is this Laksh hoo he Said 3table in canteen
Ragini went there and gave his pen
Laksh : thank u miss Ragini
Ragini: miss Ragini gadodia
Laksh : r u sister of Siddhart gadodia
Ragini : yessss y r u asking me like that
Laksh: u r Nick name something shona
Ragini : it’s my sister name
Laksh : can I see your bhai photo
Ragini : what why r u asking me like that
Laksh : I am brother of uttara dugraprasad maheswari
Ragini with excitement u r his brother can see ur di photo please first Laksh saw sid photo he is impressed and vice-versa
In mean Laksh frnd came and said something with this Ragini shocked and Laksh smiled

In office
Sid unknowingly waiting for uttara
And in swara cabin swara is busy in eating ?and reading the project to give account chat
Sanskar came there and entered sid cabin
But our sid is waiting for uttara
Sid : Gud mrng Mr maheswari
Sanskar : Gud mrng Mr Gadodia
Well from today on wards I will handle this project
Sid : you what happened to your sis
Sanskar to know the feeling sid he told like this
Sanskar : nothing much she having fever from yesterday night
Sid : hoo did she gone hospital how is she anything like this sid asking one by one with out any gap
By this statement sanskar understand sid liked his sis
Sanskar : Kk Mr gadodia I will catch you later I have some work vth ur accountant
Sid: Kk u leave
In mean time Shekar came there
Sanskar : namaste uncle taken blessing from him
Shekar : khush raho beta where is ur sis
Sid : papa she is not feeling well
That’s y sanskar will handle this project
Shekar : hoo how is she actually beta today I thought to invite your family for dinner to our house if ur sister is not well we will keep other day
Sanskar : it’s Kk now di alright we will come today
Shekar : all should come including ur doll right sid
Sid : Haa papa
Sanskar :kkk uncle I will leave
Sanskar entered swara cabin
Swara is eating chocolate and preparing accotunant chat for that project
By seeing sanskar she hided?under the table
Sanskar : vth attitude excuse me is this account manager cabin or pa
Swara : yes it’s both I am the manager controlling her fear
Sanskar : what r u kidding me
Swara : no if you want take this chart or go away don’t disturb me
Sanskar : hello miss PA don’t u have manners while talking vth others

In mean sid came there swara has tears
Sid immediately hugged her asked
Sid : what happened shona y r u crying
Sanskar is completely shocked
Swara : nothing bhai something went into my eyes
Sid : sanskar u know what till Evening my shona cried for asking u r sister like that in meetings
Sanskar Is again shocked
Swara : bhai don’t tease me please by keeping pout face
Sanskar : she is ur sister
Sid : yes sanskar shona where is chart give it sanskar
swara :take it sir
Sid went outside to attend his call
Sanskar : Kk sorry
Swara : y sorry
Sanskar : I don’t that ur sid sister
Swara : it S Kk I asked ur di that question intentionally to clarify my bhai and Kk any brother will think I like that only while saying that she went from there
Sanskar returned home to clarify his doubts regarding shona

Kkk bye frnds see you tomorrow

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