SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 3)


Hai frnds thanks for all including silent reader also because I am also silent reader

Recap : meeting in SR company sanskar scold swara Pari and sid shocked

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Sid and Pari at the same time shocked for some time
Sid : Parineetha your name is Parineetha only
Pari : of course yes sid
Sid : with smile after a long time Pari how are you
Pari : I am fine what r u doing here
Sid : I came for my shona
Pari: is she is ur gf

Sid ???: only mental fellows will make her gf because after shona entry he will become
Swara : bhai I hate u said by keeping pout face
Pari : but ur sister name is Ragini know
Sid : yes but she is my dad’s daughter and
Ragini is Papa’s daughter
Pari :sid don’t confuse me tell clearly
Sid : Kk sorry
Actually in our we wil call our parent as papa
and ma
Chacha chachi as dad and mom
Pari :kkk good
Sid : who is she indicating doll
Doll : oy she is my mom

Sid : sorry sweet heart u know ur mom is best frnd in my school we used to enjoy a lot we are group of three including rohan while saying this sid has tears in his eyes
Pari : till now u didn’t forget him
Sid : how can I pari u know na we r like brothers
Pari : kkk leave it introduces me to ur sis yaar
Doll: mom is my frnd I will introduce u to her
Sid: Kk sweety
Doll : uncle my name is doll not sweety

Sid):? Kk doll
Doll: mom she is my new frnd shona and shona this is my mom
Swara : Hai I am Swara sis of sid
Pari : sid what are you doing now
Sid :i am Business man Pari
Pari : hoo that’s great
Sid : what are you doing
Pari : actually I am wife Adrash maheswari
Now I am in break from job to spend time with my doll which I losted in my childhood
Sid : Pari don’t feel sad yaar
Swara : bhai what di is saying I can’t understand
Sid : shona she is an orphan
Swara : sorry di

Pari : it’s Kk now I am not an orphan but I am bhau of maheswari khandan
Sid : wait a minute did you know uttara maheswari
Pari : of course she is my nanad
By listening uttara name swara face lighted like a 1000 volts bulb
Pari : and sanskar is brother in law
Now swara understand why sanskar scolded her like that
Sid : hoo today only I went her in my office
She is perfect
Pari : r u Siddhart gadodia
Sid : yess
Pari : OMG I don’t sid that u only
Sid : it’s Kk I love to introduce me like sid only rather than by using my surname
By using surname our relationship start with status and ends with money
Pari : us ur right
Doll: mom I want to go home

Pari : Kk sid bye we will meet again
Sid : bye Pari gave his visting card which has his personal number
Pari: bye
Sid : shona chalo ghar chale
Shona : bhai I have one doubt
Sid : what
Shona :u both studied in same school
sid :yes
Swara : then Pari di don’t know that u are from gadodia
Sid : shona in our school surname are not allowed
That’s y frnds are true ones
Swara :hooo
Bhai I want I want
Sid : what you want ?
Shona :yes bhai

Sid : it’s Kk y did you cried
swara:nothing bhai
Sid : shona don’t lie vth me
Swara (monologue) if I say about sanskar he will kill him so I should not say
Sid : what happened anyone scold u
Swara : for asking uttara di as like that
Sid : it’s Kk next time be carefull don’t ask anyone without knowing completely
Swara : bhai r u saying this to me arey wha what a change in one day
Sid : arey what did say

Swara : I know everything
By saying this they went to home
Note : Ragini got admission in Mumbai university today she went to college for admission
In college
Ragini selected in her admission wait for driver to go home in canteen vth Classmates who came for adimmison
In other table Laksh and frnds are sitted

They are chit chatting but lucky is busy in eating ?then his tease him
Rajat (Laksh frnd common frnd he is a bad guy Laksh don’t know about him) :lucky are you Girl to eat ?seriously I get laugh by seeing you in kid way
Laksh : hello sir there is no rule that?girls should we can also eat but we means to show heroism we won’t it that’s all but I don’t become of any girl because I am already hero for di
Chalo time hogaya class ka chal
Ragini impressed by his statement but didn’t see his face before she could see lucky gone from there

In evening
Ragini is still waiting for but driver didn’t come she is alone in the bus stop some goons came there seeing her lustful she became tensed and didn’t understand what to do before goons reach her lucky came there in his bike
Laksh : baby chale aunty is waiting for you signalled with his eyes towards goons
Ragini understand that to help her he came she sat back one side and gone from there
In journey
Ragini : thanks for helping me
Laksh : it’s Kk don’t wait there alone in this time it’s not good
Ragini : kk

Laksh : I didn’t see before u here are u new
Ragini : yess I am first year student and u
Laksh : I am Laksh 2 year and waiting for results
In mean Laksh saw panipuri stall near road he stopped suddenly
Ragini : what happened y did you stop here any problem
Laksh : nothing I am some work we accompany me
Ragini : Kk what is that
Laksh:eat panipuri vth me that’s it
Ragini : what confusing manner
Laksh : yes if you don’t want u can stand here this dada makes very good and hygein panipuri
Ragini : Kk come and eat
They two plates each
Laksh forgot his purse in home

So he didn’t understand what to do
So he asked Ragini money Ragini gave it because he helped her on her peek time
Then again started and dropped near gadodia mansion gate
Laksh : Ragini ek min
Ragini : what
Laksh gave his pen

Ragini : for what
Laksh : keep it vth u I will take this one back after returning ur money which u gave me near panipuri
Ragini : it’s Kk I don’t want u helped me when I am in danger
Laksh : but it’s not manners and ur thinking that y I am giving pen because it’s gifted by di which is has more value than this bike and Haa
tomorrow y get me pen on canteen 3rd table
Ragini smiled at him because he is talking like kid and Kk gone to her house
In evening

Gadodia mansion

Swaragini Sharmista and anjali only there in kitchen
Ragini : mom and ma y u didn’t send my driver do u know what happened she told them whatever happened
Swara : rago by tomorrow u will new scooty of u like and in the evening u will driving
So that u don’t have to wait for anyone and tomorrow while giving his pen give silk ? also on behalf me
Misthi and anjali : sorry ra we Forget in work tension whatever shona said is right and haa bring him once to our home kkk and don’t talk about this male’s in home they will shout on me like anything especially u r bro

But due to their bad luck sid already them
And started his lecture
Before u could start and female members gave him kitchen work to do pakodas for evening and escaped from their

Precap : swsan meet in funny way and Laksh and Ragini frndship
anjali and Sujtha frndship

Kkk bye see you tomorrow frnds

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