SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 2)


Hai frnds happy first day of sravanamasam because special for girls
Kk let’s start our story vth precap
Precap:masti time of both maheswari and gadodia family

In the mid night in gadodia mansion
In swara’s room
She completed her work given by her khadus bhai and going out side by opening main door vth out any disturbance
Outside mansion one man is waiting in bike for her arrival
Swara came outside sat on bike said to him go fast
man:kk be careful while sitting
Swara :i know u concentrate on driving
They both stop near Golden park there an old man have ice cream shop in his bike
Swara with excitement run to old man
Swara : Hai dada how are you
Old man :mai tikk hu beti
Swara :dada I want
Before swara complete her words dada gave her yummy ? chocolate ?
Swara :thanks dada thank you so much u know me very well
She started eating like a child
She completed it and again ask him for one more but dada became silent by seeing bike man
Swara : dada don’t fear by seeing he can’t do anything give me one more
Bike man came near her and holded her ?
Swara : bhai chodo muje please dard ho ra hai please
Yes bike man is sid only
Sid :because of you only I am roaming on roads in mid night if I don’t come vth u then u will roam till sunrise chalo u ate one it’s enough
Swara : please bhai ek aur eske bade hum chatle please by keeping pout face
By seeing her sid melted and aloud to ate one more
After completing Swara asked money sid gave 10000 rupees she gave it to dada
Before dada would say anything
Swara : Dada this is not for u for ur granddaughter studies please accept for my sake
Dada : beti till know u have helped me is great how can I repay to you
Sid : dada y r saying like this calling shona as beti and again talking about repaying of very bad
Dada :per sid Babu
Sid : per ver kuch nahi
Y bye ? dada I have to go to office in the morning
Getting late chalo shona
Swara : bye dada I will come tomorrow

At the same time in maheswari mansion
Laksh wake up and came to kitchen and searching for something in fridge some one taped him on his shoulder by closing his eyes in fear and said
Laksh : I didn’t do anything don’t say to bade papa please by turning his head towards that person
Person : lucky r u searching for it take this
Laksh :thanks di thank you so much
Uttara : kkk jaldi katm Karke soja
Laksh : app bi kavona di bhot ? hai
Uttara: lucky I won’t eat ice cream that to midnight I have work in morning bye by saying she gone her room and Lucky while eating gone his room in his room
Lucky: bhai what r u doing
Sanskar: lucky I will kill you if you want to go then go don’t switch on ? please I can’t sleep saying this anger
Laksh (laughing ):so sorry again I forgot
Sanskar ?: Kk come and sleep I have work in the morning
They slept by switch off the lights

In gadodia mansion
Sid :shona u have to wake up in the morning for project remember it
Swara : bhai don’t worry I will wake up
Bye I am getting sleep
Sid : disturbing my sleep now ur getting sleepy
Before he scold swara gone to his room
In swara room
Swara : oye u didn’t slept
Ragini : because of you only
Swara : what did I do rago by keeping innocent
Ragini : if you want to go then y did woke me ahhh
Swara : when I didn’t wake up u
Ragini : don’t act smart I know about u very well
Swara ?: yess tit for tat for u what u did in dinner
Ragini :shona u know about me very well I can’t sleep if I woke up once by keeping ? face
Swara : rago don’t cry come and sleep in my lap u will get sleep
Ragini came and slept in her lap

In morning
Ragini is sleeping in shona lap and swara is sleeping in sitting Position
Ragini wake up by sun rays and seen shona face
She felt bad by seeing her because is she is sleeping like this because of her
Ragini got up and adjusted swara in sleeping without disturbing her sleep
And went to bathroom to fresh up
In mean time sid came to swara room to woke up her by seeing her he smiled himself because she is sleeping like kid
Ragini came out and saw sid bhai
Ragini : bhai good morning what are you doing here bhai
Sid by giving kiss on her forehead
Sid : good morning rago when did you wake up
What are you doing in swara’s room
Ragini : bhai I slept here only
Sid : rago do one thing shift ur stuff here only because daily u will say I slept here only
Ragini : what can I do bhai if I woke up on middle i can’t sleep but if I sleep in shona lap I will sleep automatically
Sid : ha rago she is an angel
Ragini : then me by keeping pout face
sid : ? u r my princess
Chalo wake up her she has meeting at 9 already it’s 7
Ragini : ha bhai tu javona I will wake up her
At 8.45 in office
Sid: where this shona meeting will start at 9.30
But I said 9 only because she won’t come before time if I say come with me to office in car she won’t come she will come on Scooty on and she won’t Carry money also because she will 500 rupees that to for petrol only that’s y I didn’t kept her choaclates in her today I think she should till now
Than only she came like storm and went sid cabin
swara :bhai where are ?
Sid : shona come and drink water this is office I am ur boss not ur bhai
Swara : Kk sir I can’t work today because today I didn’t get my c? from my bhai so today I want leave and won’t give ur file which u forget in home
Sid : shona be clam don’t blackmail me here is ur ?with extra for not keeping in ur room
swara :thank you sir here is ur file and details of today project Kk I will come to meeting after 30 min
Sid : y shona
Swara : don’t act smart bye I know meeting at 9.30
Sid : Kk carry on ur work

In meeting
Sid and all others are waiting for him including shona
Sid : I know very well if CEO is a lady meeting will start at 10 only
Swara : bhai don’t underestimate anyone without knowing anything of them
Just then uttara and sanskar enter into meeting room
Sid heart skipped for a second by seeing uttara because she came in golden colour Saree with 3/4hands black blouse
Swara hit him under the table to gain his sense
Due to some reason Shekar also present there in meeting one of the members in meeting are commenting on her wearing Saree she listened by her she came to her place
Standard there
Uttara : excuse me ladies and gentlemen some one in this room commented on my dress style I want say one thing to them wearing Saree is not an odd one but it is our tradition I learnt from my mom that lady can look in prefect in Saree it’s either function or meeting so while commenting please remember ur mom and sis then u can able to understand their situation and sorry for others then Shekar clapped for speech and got up from his place went to her and blessed her she touched his feet for giving blessing uncle can I know ur name swara to decided her behavior swara asked a question
Swara : with out knowing him how can u touched his feet asked in casual manner
By this question sanskar got angry but uttara gave answer in an simple way
Uttara: we should take blessing from elders not from their status miss
Swara: miss swara and sorry
While saying sorry she gave her chocolate for accepting apologize
Uttara smiled by her behaviour because Laksh used to same thing for apology
Sanskar irked by behaviour
Sid saw time and said that gentleman shall we start our meeting
Uttara : uncle u r name
Shekar : beti my name is Shekar gadodia
Uttara : nice meeting u uncle my name is uttara dugraprasad maheswari
Again taken his blessings
Shekar :khush raho beti
Then meeting started first sid gave presentation on the project after that
Sid :if anyone doubt on it or any suggestions all are welcome
Uttara gave her advice
By that profit will reduce up-to 5%
One of employees asked her if we do like this our profit will reduce
For that
Uttara : yes gentleman what you said is correct our profit will reduce but only 5%by using this we will increase our standards and also this project belongs to government and welfare of poor and this is first project we r doing vth government in future we will get easily in future and also we will get blessing from poor for giving them best
I think by giving 5%profit we can get more in future it is not my assumption because I am saying vth experience
While giving uttara speech sid was seeing her vth out bilking his eyes
And Shekar swara was impressed by her knowledge and sense of humor
Shekar announced that project will do by using suggestion of uttara all ? for her she just smiled by thank u
Meeting completed
Sanskar is busy in some formalities in mean time
meeting room outside
Swara : uttara di sorry for asking u like this can I call I di
Uttara : of course u can y did you ask me like this
Swara :to open some one eyes di
Sid : shona be quiet
Uttara : who is shona
Swara :me only di u also call me like that I feel very happy
Uttara : of course shona
Swara :k bye I have to go other wise my khadus bro come will scold me like anything said slowly to uttara
Uttara and swara both giggles
Sid also listened swara words
Before sid could say anything swara escaped from their
And dashed vth sanskar while eating ? already sanskar is ? on her because of questioning her di like that and irritated by seeing ?and sanskar don’t know that she is sister of sid
Sanskar : hey u don’t know how to prepare vth others u r just PA behave like that and also think urself before asking others behaviour
By talking like this swara got tears in her eyes but didn’t utter a word
Swara : thank for ur advicer sanskar and gone from their by taking her paper sanskar gave her what the look to her
Swara was really hurted by his words she went from there without informing anyone leaving her phone in her cabin
In mean time sanskar and uttara left the office sid called swara to go to home
But she is not lifting he got doubt and went to her phone
He thought something wrong because he knows very well that shona won’t home without inform she immediately traced her GPS fixed in her scooty and traced her she is in golden park
In this park doll came vth Parineetha
Swara is crying silently sitting on the bench
Doll is playing vth ring it came near swara
doll waited for swara that she will get it for her but swara is his own world
Doll came near swara and saw that she is crying
Doll : hello aunty ?for you
Swara : I don’t want
Doll : if anyone scold you or beat u then u should get angry on them not on ?
Swara got smiled by her words sweetly and taken ?and gave big silk chocolate to doll by seeing doll kissed her on cheek swara dullness gone away
In mean time sid came their in search of swara
Sid : shona what happened to you y did you came here by listening his swara could answer doll answer behalf of swara
Doll: hello uncle I m doll she is ur shona she is crying that’s y I cheered her mood said in childish way
Sid laughed for doll behaviour and gave ?
In this time Parineetha came their in search of her by calling
Sid and Parineetha are shocked by seeing each other

Precap : sanskar knows truth of swara y did she asked like that

If I did any mistakes please pardon me because it’s my first grand encourage me

Credits to : SOWLUREDDY

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