SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 15)

Recap : swasan and RAGLAK conversation in park
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Swara :friends gave her hand and taken back
Sanskar :what happened
Swara :nothing am I right person to u
Sanskar :oh god swara if you don’t want to me marry me Kk then I will oppose to parents but I won’t marry anyone because marrying you is our decision and marrying other one is my decision
Swara : u don’t know that
Before she could say anything
Sanskar :u can’t give varun place to me
Swara nodded her head
Sanskar : if you do like that then we won’t call as love so feel free Kk I don’t want anything from you rather than friend ship kkk I won’t force you kkk
Swara : kkk thanks
Sanskar : u thanks accepted
Swara : shall I go
Sanskar : ha I want to say onething
Swara vth fear : what
Sanskar :today onwards I will flirt with you
Swara :what
Sanskar : yess but in limits only because u have already connected to ur boyfriend so chances for me are very less it’s kkk no problem my chachi told me that I am gem to get me they should be very lucky
Swara : whaaa self prising
And she smiled

Sanskar : be like this u look good
She remembers varun used to say something
Swara smiled
They both went to meet raglak
Ragini : u r such a dumbo person I didn’t see anywhere
Laksh : rago don’t praise ur self
Ragini : how am I looking to you
Laksh :dumbo
Ragini :u r hmmm
Ragini is thinking what to scold
Laksh :see I told you before only that ur dumbo
Ragini :oye don’t underestimate me I can do anything

Laksh : yes u can do anything because you think like a old and look like a granny
Ragini :u idiot πŸ·πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ™Š Shut up
Laksh : rago u do that one because dogs are ran away by thinking that devil came by listening ur words
Ragini started beating Laksh is πŸƒ
Swasan came and saw seen
Swara : rago what are you doing
Ragini : u keep quiet u know what he said I am dumbo
Swara unknowingly
Swara : he told right only
Ragini : what are you also supporting him
Sanskar : Ragini because they are dumbo that’s y saying like to u saying this they gave hi-fi to each other
Laksh : hello mister tube light
Sanskar : what
Laksh : u only
Swara is laughing
Laksh : bhabi u know what bhai understand only business language like Ragini understand MBA classes
Swara is surprised because sanskar told that he didn’t told his decision
Laksh: bhabi don’t confuse because I know that bhai loves you
Ragini : shona tell me ur decision
Swara: rago I will support my devar only
Saying this she winked at lucky

Laksh :thanks bhabi he huged swara
Sanskar and Ragini laughing
Ragini is literally crying
Laksh is confused
swara : rago what happened
Ragini smiled chalo my jiju will support me
Swaragini huged each other
Laksh is seeing them confusing
Sanskar is smiled
Ragini :shona I want to eat ice cream yaar
Swara Laksh shocked
Sanskar : Ragini come vth me
Ragini :jiju don’t call me like that
Sanskar I will call you sweety
Ragini :no problem
They both went to near dada
Ragini :dada I am shona sister
Dada : I know beti
Ragini : he is shona would be husband
Dada is happy
Dada :really beti
Ragini : yes Dada
Just swalak came
Swara :dada Did you for get me by seeing them
Dada :yes I am busy in buttering in babu because in future he only should bring u to here
Swara laughed
Laksh : Dada u don’t worry about my bhai don’t know but me and my bhabi will come
Like this they completed their party
Ragini :shona if you don’t mind I will tell this news to all
Laksh : yes bhai I will say in our home and don’t worry I won’t say ur meeting here like ur pyaari saali
Ragini : 🎩

After this they headed to their home
In morning
About all don’t know but our Ragini is sleeping happily because shona agree for marriage
Swara :rago wake up
Ragini :shona u also come and sleep vth me
Sid : am I dreaming rago is that to in her
Swara : see bhai wake up her please
Sid : kkk rago
Ragini got up vth excitement and turned sid roundly in happy
Sid : oye stop what happened to you
Ragini :bhai shona agreed for marriage
Sid :what when it happened
Swara :bhai yesterday night
Sid vth fake anger
Sid : that’s y u didn’t Allow me to come vth u right
Ragini :bhai be cool because if the truth told to sanskar then life time time they both can’t be happy but jiju accepted her by knowing full truth
Sid :what really angel u say
Swara :yes bhai he also told me that he won’t force me in manner in my marriage life
Sid :that’s great news come we will say to papa and dad
Swara : no bhai
Sid smile faded
Sid :yyyy
Swara :bhai rago will say
Ragini :yes
Sid : no I will say
They both started running down

In hall
Shekar and Shyam are discussing how to ask swara
Sid :rago I will say
Ragini :bhai this is cheating I will say
Sid : no u can’t
Ragini :i will
Shekar and Shyam are shocked
Shyam :sid and Rago r u both fighting like kids
Ragini :dad I want to say something
Sid :no dad I will say
Shekar :both say at a time
Sidragini :shona /angel agree for marriage
By listening their scream misthi and anjali also came their
Shekar :really are u saying truth
Ragini :yes papa if you want ask her also
Shekar :sid up say
Sid : yess papa

All are very happy specially Shekar happiness has no boundaries
Shekar: swara come down
Swara came down
Shekar keep his hand on her hand
Shekar :shona r u happy u didn’t agree in any force
Swara just smiled
Swara : no papa I happy
Anjali huged her
Shyam : anjali did you see our daughter is going marry in soon
Shekar : by blessing of god sanskar also should agree
Just then sid phone ringed
Ragini on speaker
Uttara don’t know that speaker is on
Uttara :hubby u know what sanskar is agreed for marriage
All laughed
Uttara : what happened
Sid:speakeris on miss uttara
Uttara :sorry
She cut the phone

Bye friends this episode is dedicated to my lovely sis and bro who used to fight like a Tom and Jerry in my Home


  1. Fairy

    Superbbb epiode…loved raglak n swasan scenessss😊😊😊😊keep rockng n stay blessed dear😊😊😊

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