SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 14)


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Recap :swara sid Ragini conversation in MM sanskar approval marriage swasan conversation
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Dinner time swara called sid aside
Swara :bhai
Sid :haa angel
Shekar :oye sid y new name for my shona
Sid : I want to call her as angel for life time did u have any problem papa
Shekar :kkkk
Swara :come bhai I want to share something important rago u to come please
Shyam :i think World War III is coming in home today
Ragini :y dad
Asked innocently
Misthi and anjali :stop ur discussion come to dinner
Swara :papa and dad please manage ur wife’s for 5 min please papa.
Shekar : kkk come fast
Swaragini and sid went to their room
Sid :angel what you want to say to me
Swara :bhai today I and Ragini will for ice cream
Sid : y angel I thought to spend more time vth u
Swara :ha I know I am OK but uttara bhabi will wait for you so I don’t want to bhabi to wait please bhai for my sake u talk vth bhabi after eating ice cream also u will awake I know it very well ????
Sid :angel by saying he is smiling unknowingly
Ragini :shona some one is blushing alot come We go to dinner
Swara :yes u r right I think they will go to dreamland by saying this they both give hi-fi each other
Sid : u both won’t change by saying this he started chasing them
Anjali listen they shouts
Anjali :they started saying this she laughed
They completed dinner in swara room
Ragini :shona y r u so stubborn
Swara : what r u saying rago
Ragini : don’t act innocent
Swara : rago I know tomorrow bhai don’t allow me to say truth to sanskar because I bhai want my happiness so for we have to do it
Ragini : kkk I will come vth u then who will accompany me there said by keeping pout face
Swara : rago for that only I will say sanskar to bring Laksh kkk now u sleep for some time I will call sanskar
Ragini : kkk but promise me that you won’t keep secret
Swara : kkk
Swara called sanskar
Sanskar is busy in work with seeing no he lifted it
Sanskar : hello
Swara : hello sanskar
Sanskar :ha say
Swara : I am swara
By listening name he kept file aside
With happiness
Sanskar : bolo swara any problem
Swara : nothing like that I want to talk to you
Sanskar : kkk
Swara :but I want to meet you at park where we ate ice cream
Sanskar : swara r u sounding vth do you have any problem
Swara : for that only I calling you
sanskar : kkk shall I come now
Swara : no need reach there at 12.30
Sanskar : kkk anything else
Swara : Laksh also should come vth you
Sanskar : kkk bye
Swara cut the phone with out saying he felt sad
Uttara and sid was busy in their own world
Swaragini and sanlak reach that
Lucky is very excited because swara is special for him and he can more ice cream
(note : I will say swasan and RAGLAK part simultaneously)
Swara : rago be vth lucky and don’t stop him while having ice cream
Laksh : u r best bhabi. Ragini is bit surprised
Swara smiled with out emotions
Sanskar : lucky I will be late be vth Ragini only and don’t eat her brain by saying studies
Ragini laughed
Swara : come sanskar they both sat other side of the tree because her wish to not to interfere anyone
Swara told complete truth to sanskar listened silently
Ragini is seeing him but our lucky is busy in eating
Laksh : don’t see me like this I will get stomach ache
Ragini : Laksh
Laksh : just kidding yaar
Ragini is in tension Laksh observed her
Laksh : Ragini do you have any problems
Ragini :nothing Laksh
Laksh : r u thinking about bhai and bhabi marriage
Ragini nodded her head
Laksh : don’t worry Ragini bhai will accept swara because bhai loves swara
Ragini????: really r u saying truth
She started ?
Laksh : hello sit
Ragini : y
Laksh : if you ? like this earth quake will I don’t want to die so soon
Ragini : r u saying like I am looking fat
Laksh : Ragini what you said is correct like this they started their fight
Swasan side
Sanskar : do you want to say anything
Swara : yess
Sanskar : say
Swara : u have two options
Sanskar : what
Swara :yess
Sanskar : what r they
Swara : say no to marriage
Sanskar : second option
Swara : we will do agreement marriage
Sanskar : swara I have better option Then this
Swara saw him blankly
Sanskar : I will marry you whole heartedly
Swara shocked
Sanskar : swara I like u at one point of time I fell for you but today completely flat for you because no girl will say this to truth to any one
Swara is seeing him
Sanskar : swara I didn’t like ur second option because marriages are the relationship which have great values we should not make fun of it
Sanskar : kkk don’t see me like this first we will like friends if you like me in future we will take our marriage to next step if you can’t then we will be like this only till my last breathe swara is crying
Sanskar : oye what happened
Swara : nothing friends

So bye friends

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