SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 12)


Sorry frnds for stopping FF I thought to stop only writing but on my first episode some one told me not to stop in middle and my prince (dad) told me not to give up anything easily I will continue

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Swara is crying near grave yard before two graveyards
Ragini : shona be strong
Swara : how can I rago
Ragini : u have to be not for u for them who sacrificed their life
Swara : kkk I will but I want to share this truth to bhai
Ragini : r u mad u know what will happen after this
Swara : what ever I will say
Ragini : shona u can’t I won’t agree
Sid :about which truth ur talking
Swaragini shocked
Ragini : nothing bhai she is talking…..
Before she complete
Swara :my name is shona varun maholtra
Sid shocked at the same time he is angry
Sid slapped shona with a force she fallen down blood is coming from lips
Shona is crying
Ragini : bhai what r u doing
Sid : rago u be keep quiet
Ragini : bhai
Sid :where is my little sister if any happens to her I will kill you first say where is my sister

Shona showed first graveyard sid shocked
Ragini is crying
Sid : what r u saying no u r lieing
Shona : no I am saying truth
Sid holded her neck trying to kill her in angry
Ragini : bhai what r u doing
Sid : u know who is she daughter in law of arnav maholtra
Ragini : no bhai twin sister of our swara
Sid again shocked
Sid : what are you saying rago
Ragini : what ever I am saying is truth
Sid : no
Ragini : not only that wife of late varun maholtra
Sid : rago say straight
Ragini : yes she is twin sister of swara and wife of varun who died in saving swara but his sacrifice gone for nothing because swara also died and u know what shona lost his husband on her marriage day
Swara is crying miserable
Sid :what are you saying rago
Ragini : when anjali ma delivered twins to pain mom they took shona with them to take revenge from Papa and dad but they don’t that they are twins

They used to torches her daily in various ways when you are studying in London swara joined in Bombay university to
complete there varun and swara became from that we can to know that shona is her twin varun is nice guy who helped shona in studies in late nights without noticing arnav maholtra with the help of her mom
When swara came to know about her happiness has no bounds so in last of their college varun and shona married as a parent swara signed arnav maholtra came to know about it he sent some goons to kill them they married due to some work shona gave her garland to swara and went inside in mean time to save swara varun came in between them and to save shona swara sacrifice her self
Sid :then what she is doing here
Ragini :it was last wish of our swara
U know what bhai how did you bring up swara from childhood but shona don’t know anything
Sid has tears in eyes because of shona
Sid make Stand shona and hugged her
Sid :shona will call me once bhai I want to listen from you
Shona :bhai
Sid and shona are crying
Ragini happiness has boundaries
Sid :but how did you manage from one year
Ragini : bhai swara and shona tastes and everything are same including dress section also
Shona : Ragini helped me in first
Sid : I have decided one thing from now on wards u r only my swara don’t dare to say truth to anyone
Kkk frnds bye see you tomorrow

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  2. Cutiie

    nice..plz write soon…i miss your ff……

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