SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 11)


Hai frnds did you like my teaser kkk
Recap : uttarasid bike ride Sanlak and swaragini masti

Next episode :
In morning
Uttara is sleeping for first time till seven because they returned morning 5
Sanskar and lucky are laughing by seeing her di
AP : uttara get up
Sujtha : uttara my beti get up we have to go to temple but our uttara is in deep sleep
Sanskar:MA u both go and see preparations we will wake up her and we will come soon
Sujtha : come jiji we have so much work they both left the room
Laksh : bhai di can’t wake up now
Sanskar : Kk we will call jiju they called him
Sid : Haa bolo with angry
Sanskar : jiju what happened u r sounding angry
Sid : ohhh sanskar I thought ur di
Sanskar : I understand that what happened between you both
Sid : ask ur di only
Laksh : jiju when you both returned home
Sid : early only lucky
Sanskar and Laksh : don’t keep flowers in my ears and say truth
Sid : at 5 in the morning
Sanskar and Laksh : what ??? Kkk jiju help me and lucky di is not waking up
Sid : for her sleep is more important than ours Kk please off the speaker and keep phone in ur di ears
lucky : kkk
They kept like that

After exactly 2 mins uttara woke up smiling
Sanskar : thank god di u woke up go and get ready fast
Lucky is a curious about what sid told her di she woke up simling
Laksh called from his mobile
Sid : what happened Lucky ur di didn’t woke up
Laksh : no di woke up but what did you say
Sid : nothing
Laksh : jiju this is not fair di only said to me ask you
Sid (monologue) : how can I say u that I gave her morning kiss in phone
Sid : I said I love you and again I will take her to bike ride
Laksh : I think u r saying lie
Sid : lucky I am getting office call I will call you later saying this he cut the call
Laksh and sanskar laughed
Laksh :bhai did u call shona we have arrange so many things
Sanskar : lucky don’t feel tense called her all arrangements are ready but only problem is jiju have take a leave from office
Laksh -bhai rago said he taken permission from Shekar papa that he will send him directly to there
sanskar :kk all done

So next all went to temple to match kudali are not for marriage
There all busy in their works in doing pooja
Panditji): Shekar ji give me the kundal of ur all children
Shekar : y Panditji
Panditji : give me first
So Shekar gave all children
By seeing all kudali
Panditji : Shekar ji and DP ji I don’t know how to say
Shekar : is not correct to marriage each other
Panditji : no they are made for each other
DP:then what is problem
Panditji : swara should marry before uttara sid marriage
Shekar : what????
Panditji : not only this if sid should marry after swara marriage only if you deny it will risk ur life’s
All are shocked
Especially Ragini yess Ragini came to ask send outing with uttara
Automatically her tears are flowing from her eyes continuously
Suddenly she wiped her tears with out any one notice
DP :shekar ji we don’t have any we will wait until swara marriage
Panditji : if you want u can do both marriages at a time
Misthi : kkk now we should search for groom for my princess
Anjali and Shyam has happy tears
Sujtha: anju if you don’t mind shall I say u one thing
Anjali : haaa say suju
Sujtha : I think Sanskar is correct for swara
All faces are happy
Shekar : k I will talk to my princess
misthi : Shekar Shyam will ask
Shyam : no bhabi only bhai has right to ask shona
All are happy
Ragini only listened that swara should marry after that she went from there
As arranged by swaragini and sanlak they both sent them out by the help of their parents

In evening swara returned from office and Ragini is on the way how to tell swara about marriage
Swara sat on sofa she is tired
Some one Gave her water
Swara : papa y r u giving me come and sit vth me
Shekar : princess I want a favour from you
Swara: ha papa say when I deny ur words
Shekar : princess I have seen alliance swara shocked
Swara : papa u know my decision
Shekar : princess u listen first
Swara :kkk
Shekar : without marrying you sid can’t marry
Swara : papa y all r believing it
Shekar : princess u know what Panditji said to me that ur sister is far from us it is said by Panditji only and he also said that ur sister no more in the world swara is crying unknowingly because she is the reason for her death
Shekar :ur wish princesss
Swara : papa I want some time can I say my decision tomorrow morning
Shekar : kkk groom name is sanskar maheswari swara is shocked
Swara : kkk I have some work I have to go out
Shekar : kkk bye ? come fast
Ragini just entered house
Swara went out by seeing Ragini
Ragini asked papa did you ask anything Shekar told whatever happened
Ragini shocked kkk papa I will also go vth shona bye
Shekar :rago wait she left from there
Shekar :pagal ladaki going to tease her di
Kkk bye frnds

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