SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 10)


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Recap : raglak masti and swasan party in ice cream sid and uttara meeting

Episode starts :
In temple
Sid : where are you sweetie waiting for you
Then Pari Adrash AP DP RP Sujatha Shekar
Sharmista Shyam and anjali came there holding uttara ears sid is shocked
Sid : ma mom I can here to take decision not for

Family members :when did we say u came here to meet uttara
Sid bite his tongue uttara angrily glared at him
Sid : mom ma can I ask you onething
Misthi and anjali : what
Uttara : who caught our lie first
Others : u both are very intelligent u only guess
Uttara : lucky
Sid : swara
Answer : no
Siduttara : we lost say na
Answer : DP
Uttara : what r u serious papa caught my lie
AP : yes after u return from dinner u went to
ur room silently then ur papa told me to start
preparation for marriage because u thought to behave as angry but ur eyes are blushing which caught by ur papa
Uttara : sorry papa I thought to tease u but
It’s not my idea
Sid : it’s our idea means we both planned
Uttara opened her mouth
All r laughing
uttara: ma chachi sanskar Laksh know about this
Sujtha : uttara they knew it and they r angry on u
Uttara : y
Sujtha : because instead of waking them u wake up ur husband first
Uttara : no chachi I didn’t call sid ji in morning
AP : we know we all saw video exclusively
recorded by ur papa
Sid uttara feeling embarrassed
Anjali:suju leave them alone come we have so
much work
They all left
Uttara : whose plan is this
Sid : what plan
Uttara : don’t act innocent
Sid : if I say it was my plan they leave me they will tease me like anything for compensation I will give you what ever you want
Uttara : nothing I want to long ride on bike
Sid : illegal means
Uttara : without family permission
Sid : Kk done be ready at 11
Uttara : kkk bye
They both returned home
Laksh and sanskar are waiting
Uttara : Hai lucky Hai sanskar
They both are not talking vth her
Uttara : hoo a both are angry on me
I thought to share my secret it’s Kk
Lucky : what di
Sanskar : lucky can’t u do acting for some more time
Laksh : bhai u know that I eager to listen secret
Uttara : so u both are actingy
Laksh /sanskar : no no
Uttara : come to my room I have to talk to you
They both went to her room
Laksh : di say na ur secret what you both talked on ur dinner
Uttara : little brothers I can’t say it if you want
ask your jiju because it’s our deal from now onwards if u want anything u should ask ur jiju same rule for swaragini also
sanskar :injustice may lord
Uttara : don’t act to smart Kk listen u both I am going ride on bike vth sidji
Saying this uttara blushed
Sanskar Laksh teased her
Lucky : bhai did u see any jasmine which is in white color is turning as crimson red
Sanskar :yaya lucky now only I saw
Uttara : kkk u leave I have some work
Lucky : come bhai di wants some privacy saying this they runned from there
In GM also same position
When sid enterd to his room
Swaragini are sitting on his bed
Sid : Hai rago Hai shona
No response
Sid : I brought chocolate if u don’t want I will eat
By listening
Swara : bhai where is ?
Ragini : shona any can fool you easily listening ? u talking vth bhai what I have to do
Swara : sorry bhai give my ?after that I won’t talk to you
Sid :to forgive me what I have to do
Swaragini : what happened on dinner
Sid : sorry if u want ask ur Bhabi
Swaragini : yy
Sid :because it’s a rule sanskar and lucky should ask u both should ask sweety
Swara : who is sweety
Ragini : oy bhudu Bhabi Nick name
Sid : nothing
Swaragini : oyoy it’s kkk we won’t say to anyone
In night
Swaragini : bhai we want to go out to celebrate sid bhai marriage
Shekar : kkk go but come fast
Swara : don’t worry papa bhai is there
Shyam:but be careful
Sanskar :papa
DP :what
Laksh : we want to celebrate today because di marriage badepapa
Sujtha : no need
RP : u shut up
Ap:kkk but come fast tomorrow we should go to temple to fix date for engagement
Sanskar :thanks ma
At 11 pm
Sanskar :bye di
Swara : kissed uttara take care Bhabi
Uttara uttara :feeling shy
Ragini :bhabi don’t shy bhai can’t control himself till marriage said in her ears.
Uttara : rago u r too much they all laughed
( guys I don’t want to discuss about uttara and sid more so I am concentrating on swasan and RAGLAK)
They four bid bye to uttara and sid bike ride
Swara : lucky u know if you walk for one mile there will be a ice cream
Laksh : how do you know
Swara : because I will eat daily
Laksh : u also eat
Ragini : u both have any topic rather than ??sanskar : they both are same
Laksh : u both coming or not we are going
Ragini : sanskar come we have to go with them if you don’t go they will complete all ice cream tomorrow instead of going to temple we have to go hospital
Sanskar : ur right Ragini
Dada is waiting for swara
Dada : Hai beti Hai Ragini beti how r u
Ragini : I am Dada how are you shona said u r feeling not well
Dada : I am fine
Who are this boy’s
Swara : Dada sid bhai marriage fixed with there di
Dada : Hooo that’s great
Swara next ur marriage only
Swara eyes moisted by listening marriage name
Ragini : dada leave it first we have to concentrate on sid right Shona
( I am adding swara used to hate marriage y I will reveal it later)
Ragini console swara without seeing sanlak
Swara : kkk Dada tomorrow I will give you money
Sanskar : Dada take this he gave 1000
Dada : y beta
Laksh : for giving blessing to di
After eating they planned something which is muted will reveal in next episode

Hai frnds some one asked me that fruits scene from gentleman movie yess and thanks for your response for my ff

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