SWASAN and RAGLAK the match made by family (Episode 1)


Hai friends thanks for your comments and I will try to not get affected by comments. Friends this story revolves around family with love leads are swara and Laksh don’t confuse you will understand with story so let’s start with remaining introduction

Sorry friends I wrote some mistakes in my ff uttara is daughter of DP not RP

Sid you used to hate girls due to some past he his view girls are nothing to do any work

Our story start with dinner in Gadodia mansion all sitting in the table for dinner mistyi and anjali are serving starts
Shekar :sid when you are going to start next with maheswari
Sid :papa tomorrow

Shekar :hoo I forgot to say tomorrow their CEO uttara will attend the meeting with their manger
Sid :what the girl will attend the meeting ridiculous
Swara :bhaiyya what are you saying don’t
estimate anyone without knowing anything
Sid :shona all won’t be like u who is dedicated to work
Swara:exactly all won’t be like u what ur thinking
Sid :its waste to fight with u
Swara :hmmm I know it very well because I am the princess
Sid:yessyess u r the princess for nothing
Swara :bade papa see na bhaiyya is teasing me
Anaji :what did my say haaa

Swara :mom ur mom for me or him
Anaji :I am mom for both but first place to sid
Swara : hey rago why r u eating silently take my side na
Ragini:it will be easy to get sit in MBA then get
into both of you
Sid :what r u saying rago we will like this no just for fun only
Ragini :exactly bhaiyya just u r doing like this if it
is serious I think World War three will in our
home. Bhaiyya we will know that swara is elder to me but she is a kid in our home what happened to you u r Md for SR company
behaving like kid

Sid\swara:at the same time if you want scold me not bhaiyya \shona
Ragini : see now onlysaid naa see Papa they
both are teasing me with fake ?
Sid\swara:sorry rago we won’t scold you again this is all because of shona \bhai
Shyam :shut up both of you because of you both
my rago is crying
Ragini lifted her head up and ?shows like this
Swara sees this sid is busy in eating
Swara:dad she is doing acting don’t believe her dad
Ragini shows her face to Shyam with innocent face
Shyam:shona I know very well who will do
actions in the home
Sid :Dad don’t scold shona
Shyam :hoo u only have to scold her na

Shekar :shyam stop it and eat now
Anaji and misthi are supressing their laugh
because this daily routine for them
Swara :k dinner is finished bye papa bye dad by kissing them
Sid:shona u have to complete this accountants
before morning
Swara :bhai this is cheating u have to say it before only MA
Did : ha I know if I say before only u will
complete it but sid gets up come near to her and say in ear that u should not go ice cream with out me
Swara becomes silent because if she shouts all
will know that she is Eating ice cream in mid night ?she goes stamping her feet

At same time in maheswari mansion
Park and uttara are serving the food remaining are eating
DP : uttara when is meeting with SR company
Uttara:tomorrow papa
DP : did you study well in the project
Uttara: have papa buy working slum people we will more profit papa
Dp : go that’s great I listened that this company belongs to Gadodias is it right
Sanskar :yess papa but it belongs to their son Siddhart Gadodia established with out their parents help he is inspiration to me
Sujatha :laksh did you listen what did your said learn something from him
Laksh :k mom ur wish is my command
Sujatha :laksh I didn’t said any joke

Laksh : Iif say truth also u won’t believe me ?what can I do
Sujatha again scolding Laksh before that uttara stops her
Uttara :chachi don’t scold lucky please
Sujatha :tu chup kar because of you only he became naughty
AP :sujatha rehnedo Laksh u eat
Sujatha :didi app bena
Uttara :thanksa
Laksh:badima I also inspired by some one
Sujatha:by which girl Laksh ur classmate or ur junior
RP :sujatha don’t u believe our son but I believe him
Laksh : thanks papa yes I inspired by girl
Sujatha :dekha I told you na
Laksh :ma please me completely

RP :haa Sujatha please to him
Sujatha :kkk say
Laksh :i inspired by my didi and Bhabi because being a girls one is gold medalist and other is seeing for needs before leaving our works
AP :correct Laksh generally all men think that being house wife is easy but it is difficult
Sujtha \uttara :correct didi\ma
DP :if your discussion is over on inspiration concentrate on food
Remaining members all silent ate food but our AP winked?DP due to this DP coughed
It is caught by lucky
Lucky won’t be calm for few seconds also
He started teasing AP because he can’t tease DP
Laksh : bade papa Kya huae
DP :Nothing Laksh we eat
Laksh :waise badima app ko Kya hua
AP :mujko kuch nahi kyn Laksh

Laksh : u have problems in your eyes badima because ur left eye is blinking fastly then right one
With this statement she started to cough
Laksh:waise badima first badipapa started cough next u if u have any problem say we will consult
doctor ?winked at her
Sujatha :didi Kya hua app ko
AP:sujatha kuch nahi hua humko waise tomorrow is first week of this month na
With Laksh became silent and try to convince her badima for pocket money
Laksh :ma y r u teasing badima
Sujatha :kya

Laksh : have correct only I am saying
Adrash :chachi u didn’t understand him he soaping ma for pocket money
Laksh :no bhai I love badima more than ma
Adrash :ha I know how much love ur pocket money
Pari :adrash ji don’t tease my dear
Adrash : arey when did I tease him
Pari :shhhh signaling towards DP
Laksh :thanks Bhabi u only control my bhai
Waise where is our doll
Pari : she is sleeping Lucky
Laksh : what with out playing with chachus very bad
Pari : lucky with in Five minutes she will come down see
Doll (Avantika) :hai dadu saying this she goes to DP
DP :hey doll where did you go till now
Doll : I sleeping dadu because If I will play with chachus till late night I am getting sleep in the Morning so I slept till now now I can play with my chachus and I won’t get sleep in the morning

DP: areywah mera doll Justina intelligent hai
Doll :ha dadu bikul appiki biwi Tarah
Like this all completed their dinner

Kk friends this is family story you can see values of family and love story but I it will take time if I did any spelling mistakes please pardon me because I m weak on spelling don’t forget to comment

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