SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 9

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Last epi ends with their Kashmir trip
2days epi

2 days later they had fun in Kashmir n now reached home


Sanlak entered ..evr1 were having tea
Ap- sanlak u both came…how was ur trip?
Sanskar- very nice jaa
Sujatha- cum have some tea
Laksh- no chachi first I will get freshen up
Sanskr- yes m v.tired

Ragini’ s house

Ragini n Arnav came so evry1 were sitting n talking about d trip
Ragini- maa u know v had so much fun ..v climbed mountains …went 2 a mall n also rode on horses
Arnav- yes maa she spend all my money ..she used 2 sit n eat evryday
Ragini ( innocently)- no maa he only used 2 irritate me
Janki( shouting lovingly) Arnav( she holds his ear)
Ragini laughs n winks at Arnav
Arnav – c maa it was all her plan …..she is laughing
Ragini stands there innocently n goes after sometime
Aranv- maa y do u always leave her like that u love her more than me
Janki- its nothing like that I love u both equally but she is small na
Arnav( murmurs)- yaa she is small 5 yrs old n m 50 yrs old
Janki- what ..did u said anything
Arnav- no

Swara’s house

Swara- khushi came …khushi went 2 her room n swara went 2 shomi’s room she was sitting facing her back 2 swara …she did not notice swara came …swara slowly went n closes shomi’s eyes by her hand
Swara(changing her voice) say who is it?
Shomi( understood that its Swara but pretends as if she could not find out)
Swara- say na
Shomi(lovingly) my heart
She turns n hugs her Swara also hugs her
Shomi- so enjoyed na without me
Swara – yesss
Shomi- u didn’t miss me
Swara- I missed u alot maa ..next time v will go 2gether
Shomi- haan okkk
Den khushi also joined them n they were discussing about the trip


Sanlak came down
Evry1 was having dinner
Ap-so.. Don’t u wanna tell us what did u there
Sanskar- maa u know v climbed mountains
Laksh( interrupted ) n also thrower snowballs on eo
Ap( in mind) after so many years they both r talking so nicely with eo
Laksh always use 2 think v love sanskar more but now it seems that the misunderstanding is over

Arnav house ( Ragini)
Swasan ,Laksh n khushi gathered there
Laksh- Ragini guest have came 2 ur house serve them something
Ragini- bhukkad…m not gonna bring anything for u
Janki- lado come n take these snacks for u all
Laksh- go lado go
Ragini goes from there n comes after bringing snacks n juice
She keeps d snacks on d table n give evry1 juice except Laksh
Laksh- where is my juice
Ragini- sry but it is finished
Laksh- arey( he took Ragini’s juice n starts drinking it he had half finished it then Ragini snatch it from him n after drinking whole of it gives the glass 2 Laksh
Ragini- now u can drink it
Laksh- what??air?
Ragini- okkk if u want
Swara drank her juice n took the chips plate
N sanskar was constantly taking chips from her plate
Swara- sanskar u want chips then take it
She give the plate 2 sanskar n took another olte of cookies
Sanskar again started eating from swara’s plate
Swara- saskar y r u irritating me
Arnav- yes shona he always irritate evry1
Swara- yes jiju
Sanskar- arey u didnt tell anything 2 Arnav when he called u shona n when I called h started lecturing me n saying this n that …….
Swara puts her finger on his lips
Sanskar feels her touch …he was shocked
Swara-sanskra u look cute when u r quite( she folds her hand) plzzzz don’t start ur lecture masterjiiiii
She gave HiFi 2 Arnav n starts laughing
Sanskar was still thinking about swara’s touch
Swara- masterji where r u lost??
Evr1 started laughing seeing swara’s behavior

Recap- shopping

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