SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 8

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Swasan RagLak came out of the restaurant
Ragini got khushi call she saw her name n bit her tongue .she stopped swara n showed her khushi name .sanlak was busy eating ice creams .ragini hit them n stopped them
Sanlak- what happened( irritated)
Ragini- bhabhi is calling ( a bit tensed)
Sanskar- oh no ! V came out alone

Ragini ( picked up the phone )- hello
Khushi(shouting)- where did u all went leaving us ?? Its my wedding n u all r having fun except me n Arnav
Ragini gave d phone to swara
Swara- do vo…
Khushi- swara u cum 2 hotel , v have taken all ur chocolates
Swara- di that’s not fare ..v r comimg
Sanlak were enjoying all this from behind while eating ice cream
They cut d call


They were outside arshi room .as soon as they opened the door , 2 buckets of cold water fell on them
Raglakswasan- aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Arshi came out from the side of the cupboard laughing n gave HiFi 2 eo.RagLak swasan were fully drenched
Arshj- this was the punishment fr leaving us n going alone
Ragini- aachiii..bhai bhabhi it was not our mistake
Swara- haan , u both were busy romancing …aaacchhhiiiiii
Sanlak started beating Arnav playfully
After sometym all started laughing
Khushi- now u all go n change ..then v will go out
Every 1 changed n went out

1st they went 2 rahlang pass( a snow covered mountain)
They sat for sometime , Ragini got a naughty idea she took some snow n made d snowball n threw it on Laksh ‘ s face , he was shocked she started laughing ..he made a snowball n threw it towards her but she bent down n it hit Arnav ,RagLak laugh
Arnav made a snowball n threw it towards Laksh but he moved a aside n it hit sanskar .all started laughing
Sankskar made a snowball n threw it towards Arnav but Arnav bent down n hit swara ..sanskar started laughing lookin at her face so she took a snowball n threw it on him
Arnav threw some snowballs on khushi all started playing like this

Then a man came with kashmiri dresses evry1 wore it n then click pics
Arshi took pics together then swaragini n then sanlak
Arshi told swasan RagLak to take pics at first they hesitataed but later agreed
Sanlak clicked swaragini ‘ s pics secretly .after that they had coffee n went away
They all came to a mall for shopping
Khushi n swaragini went 2 a jewellery mall they bought some bangles n earrings
Sanlak went 2 a jacket shop with Arnav n bought some jackets for themselves
Then they went 2 a coffee shop

Coffee shop

Swara- Kashmir is so beautiful
Sanskar( in MIMD)- just like u
Ragini- yes I want 2 come here again n again
Laksh( in mind)- I will always come with u
After having coffee they went 2 a park in Kashmir
They had chaat .horse riding was also going there
Khuahi- c horse ..I want 2 ride them

Arnav – u will fall then
Khushi- then u will hold me
Arnav – m always there 2 hold u whenever u fall
Ragini ( coughs ) enough of romantic talks
Swara – really they don’t c around n start romancing
Sanskar- u girls don’t know how 2 ridw horse
Swara- shut up ! I can handle it very nicely
Laksh- if u will fall then v have 2 carry u fat girls ( lookin at Ragini)
Ragini- let’s c …..m going 2 ride my horse
Swaragini , sanlak n arshi ride their horses they had much fun n returned 2 their hotel

Sanlak went 2 their room
Swaragini 2 their n arshi were coming slowly holding their hands n talking

Swaragini ‘ s room

Swaragini fell on bed
Swara- m so tired
Ragini- but I enjoyed very much
Swara- yaa that’s true
Ragini – OK then m going 2 freshen up
Ragini comes after sometime n notices that swara is deeply thinking something
Ragini- swara ( she did not listen )
Ragini – swara ( she sits up with a jerk)
Swara- yes Ragini what happened ??

Ragini- swara what happen 2 u…u r lost in ur thoughts
Swra- nothing toh who said m lost ..m OK
Ragini- swara plz don’t hide anything with me …n don’t lie 2 me
Swara- OK then listen ( she tells about the msg in ahonis mobile)
Ragini – what!! Who upis sending such sms 2 anty v must find out …but till then don’t take tension ..v will together sought it out
Swara- hmmm
Arshi came n evry1 slept

Recap- they reached kolkata

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