SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 6

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Epi starts with an unknown place
man is roaming here n there n has a pic in his hand it is shomi,khushi n swara n has a red cross on it
Man-i will destroy ur life Mrs sharmishtha Harman bose…..
A goon comes in
Goon- boss they r not there n when I enquired from the neighbors they – they had left d place
An (angry)he crushed d photo- what do u think shomi that if u will leave I will not b able to find u

A house

A girl entered the room full of a handsome guys pic,she touched d boys pic
Grl- I lobe u very much I already did a big mistake by rejecting u but now I will come back ….I love u n also know that u also love !e very much

Railway station

Sanlak swaragini arshi n other frnds were there
Ragini was wearing white sleeveless top with grey jeans
Swara was wearing a light pink crop top with denim
Lakhs was wearing black shirt with grey jeans
Sanskar was wearing a blue shirt with white jeans

Arnav-all of u have etaken everything prply
All yes
Laksh- when will the train come my leg are paining
Ragini – lazy person
Laksh- keep quiet
Ragini – !y mouth,I will speak
Laksh- nakchari grl
Ragini – hawwww… U call me nakchari how dare u?
Laksh – I didn’t took ur name… So u agree u r nakchari
Ragini- shut up I will hit u
Sanskar- stop this f8 guys
Swara- yes keep quiet
Sanskar- first tum u ever agreed with me(looking at swara)
Swara- m telling what is correct
Sanskar- that mean u agreed with me
Swara – alr8 now shut up ..irritating person
Sanskar makes faces

Train arrives evry1 enters
Khuahi- m so excited
Arnav- me 2
Evry1 looked at him
sanskar – sm1 said that it would b boring
Arnav- I already apologized okkk

Inside d train
Sanskar took out his camera n start making a video
Sanskar individually goes 2 each one
First he goes 2 swara
Sanskar- swara look here
Swara looks there smile n waves her hand
Then he goes 2 ragini she was listening music
Sanskar- ragini
Ragini widen her eyes n wave her hand
Then he moves on 2 lakhs he was looking out of the window
Sankar- lucky look here
Laksh- my self lakhs maheshawari going 2 Kashmir
He goes 2 arshi n sees they r hugging
Sanskar- a couple is busy romancing
Arshi gets apart n gets embarrassed
He turns d camera towards his face
Sanskar- sanskar maheshwari- signing off

He ends d video


Laksh- m feeling too hungry
Ragini- bhukkad

Swara take so it pizza Ragini takes out cheese macaroni sanlak take out sandwich n juices n other frnds took out packed food
Evry1 had their dinner n was was going 2 sleep
Laksh- gud n8 evry1
Swara- wait ….
Sanskar – u cannot remain quiet na …every time u need 2 say anything
Swaea – u keep quiet n y do u always need 2 say in my speech
Sanskar- uffffffff ( makes an irritated face)
Swara goes n took out dairy milks n give 2 evry1
Ragini – thanx
Swara – welcum ….Ragini except u nobody has manners …nobody said thanx 2 me
All- thaaank uuuu swaaara
Swara- welcum
Evry1- gud n8

Recap- trip ( masti, fun)


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