SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 5

So guys m back , n so sry that m updating so late ??actually I had some prblms , so m sooooo sry but now I will update reguraly n plzzz do comments.
Last epi ended with sanlak discussing plan

Today’s epi:

2 days later
Swara house:

Somi ,swara n khushi is discussing about the things for khushi marriage
Somi-c I have made this list if u all want anything more then tell
Khuahi-no need mom, I know u must have done it r8
Swara-no first let me c it
Swara sees the list and says-evrything is OK but include some chocolates for me
Evry1 laughs
Khushi n somi leaves
Some leaves her mobile …a msg comes…swara c n reads it
Msg-give me 5 lakh or else I will destroy your daughter’s marriage
Swara was shocked reading the msg she was thinking that somi comes n take her

Ragini’s house:

Janki in the kitchen- ragu beta come I will teach u how 2 cook
Ragini-no mom I don’t want 2 learn all these things
Janki-then what will u do in your sasural
Ragini – I will not go any where, I will stay here only with u both
Shekhar- r8 I will make my son-in-law stay here with us
Shekhar winks at ragini
Janki-no1 could win with u both

Swra house
Swara gets a call she recieves it
Swara- hiii
Sanskar- did u received the credit card???
Swara- no ….when did u send??
Sanskaar(worried)-what!! But I have send….trust me
Swara laughs
Sanskar- why r u laughing????
Swra – arey stupid I got it …I was just joking
Sanskar- thnx god …n what I m stupid!!!
Swara-yes ….u don’t understand such a small joke also
Sanskaar-ok baba u win but m not stupid u r stupid
Saying this he cuts d call
Swara( angry)- I n stupid!!!!! R u listening??? Ufff he cut d call …

Ragini home

Lakhs call Ragini buy another no.
Laksh-hello sweetn heart
Ragini- excuse me who is this???
Laksh-u forgot me so soon?
Ragini-wrong no.(angry)
Laksh- arey don’t get angry m laksh
Ragini- u , y did u call me???
Lakhs – did u got tpd credit card ??
Ragini- yesss…anything more?
Laksh-yes pretty
Ragini- stop calling me like that lakhs
Laksh- okkk .,.. I was telling come with arnav to mm


Raglak ,SwaSan , arshi n some other close friends r present there
Khushi-y did u call us here??
Sanskar-actually I want 2 say that…
Laksh-that…..arnav is giving a bachelor party to Kashmir
Arnav was drinking water he spitted it
Evry1 was happy n excited
Arnav- what!!! When did I said
Sanlak-v knew that u was shy 2 say
Khushi-wow !! Great

Evy1 left only sanlak ,arshi n swaragini was there
Arnav- m not giving nay party
Sanlak- u don’t need 2 take any tension as w booked d tickets with your n khushi credit cards
Khushi- how did u got it???
Lakhs- swaragini helped us in getting it
Arshi were damn shocked
Khushi- swaaraaa
Swara(holding her ears)- sry didi
Khushi- its OK
Arnav- Ragini ki bacchi abh tu nhi bachegi
Arnav runs behind Ragini n Ragini goes behind laksh
Laksh- let it b na arnav .,,we will have fun
Arnav-lakhs u move
Sankar- leave na arnav , don’t be a spoilsport
Arnav later arnav agrees

Evry1 leaves

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