SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 4


Sry fr late update
All wr hving breakfast
AP-I think v shud strt searching girls fr SanLak de shud get married now
L-mom am not interested in these things ryt now plsss
S-Yes i dont wnt 2 lv a lyf lyk papa nd bade papa so soon
Sujata-wat r u saying??(angry)
S- vo i mean i dont wnt 2 live sych happy life lyk papa nd bade papa so early
SanLak lv
AP-de nvr wnt 2 tlk abou der marriage
DP-evrything will b alright dnt wry

XYZ place
Sanskar-Arnav wen r u gvng us party??
Arnav-wat party
Laksh-dont act so innocent v r asking abou bachelors party
A-oh hello am getting married so ul shud gv me a party
SanLak-dteans u will nt gv us party??
A-no ul gv me one. He left
SanLak to each other-U know na wat 2 do now?? YES
S-laksh u know any of Arnavs siblings
L-yes i know her sister.
L- u need not know
S-alright go 2 her nd ask hr 2 help us

L-ok i wil try
He went 2 Ragini’s house
Arnav ws taking bath nd her parents wer out so she ws alone
Laksh entered Eagu saw him
R-y did u cum 2 my house(irritated)
L-i came 2 meet Arnav
R-he is raking bath
L-i thnk u r lying cuz u wnt 2 tlk 2 me
R-hah as if i hv no odr wrk
L-listen i need ur help

R-for wat??(confused)
He told her sumthing which ws muted
R-if bhai gets angry den
L-are baba he wil not get angry plssss help
R-alright i will try
L-TYSM bye
R-bye(a bit tensed)


Sanky went 2 Swara house fr hlp Khushi ws sleeping nd Shomi ws out Swara ws alone in d kitchen baking a cake
Sanky entered a srvnt saw him he asked wer is madam srvnt told him shes in d kitchen Sanky entered d kitchen he saw wara nd was mesmerised 2 c her Swara saw him
Sw-hey how dare u enter into my house??
Sa-listen dont shout i need ur help
Sw-wat help(irritated)
Sanky tells her sumthing which is muted
Sw-(shocked)u wnt me 2 do dis hw can i do dis?? Di will get angry plss yr v will tell hr afterwards plss do dis
Sa-tysm i shud lv
Sw-wait i hv baked a cake wud u lyk 2 eat?
Sa-mmmm ok
She gave him piece of cake md de both ate it

SwaSan-bye smiling
Part 4 end

Recap- SanLak plan rvld

Plss comment if u lyked it.It may take a while fr me 2 update as my internet is nt wrking prprly hope u all cansider nd cooperate

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