SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 3


Thnx guys fr all your comments n a big thnx 2 silent readers ,keep commenting n I want 2 say that this ff is plan by me n 1 of my friend
Today is arshi’s engagement, evry1 is doing preparations ,engagement is in Arnav’s home , swara,khushi n sharmistha arrives there with gifts n sweets , maheshwari family is also there ,ragini was in d room getting ready so she didn’t see them

Sanlak were talking 2 arnav
Swara came down n saw dem , she saw sanskaar n was surprised n understood that they must b friends

Shekhar-ragini beta , go bring d engagement ring
Ragini went upstairs lakhs forgot his phone in arnav room while he was making him ready.so he was going up , ragini came then n they collided.she was about 2 fall but lakhs hold her by her waist she closed her eyes in fear , when she opens she saw 2 brown eyes staqring at her deeply
Lakhs- beautiful
They realise there position n recomposed
Laksh- u r looking beautiful
Ragini – grt! Now let me go
Ragini came down she gave the ring 2 shekhar n d ring ceremony ended
Swara was carrying a basket of flower petals she was going to keep it aside sanskaar was coming frm d doorside they both collided n fell n sanskaar was above swara they had an eyelock
Swara- get up!!
Sanskaar was back at his senses he stood up n gave Hus hand 2 swara
Swasan-( together) m sorry
SwaSan ( together) its OK
Swara( irritated)- y r u copying me
Sanskar – y will I copy u, u r copying me
They had their cute exchange of words , swara remembers that she had 2 pay him so she took out some money frm her clutch n give it 2 him
Sanskaar – I don’t need it
Swara- m not gonna listen anything jzt take it
Sanskaar takes it n they leave

Laksh texts ragini
Lakhs -hii
Ragini- hello
Ragini- OK
Lakhs – gorgeous
Ragini(2 herself)-what type of boy is he , he is going beyond his limits
Ragini blocked him

Then the dance started arshi chooses d couples
They were SwaSan , RagLak n few more friends of arshi


O what a look, what a grace
Tenu hi karaan mein chase

The boys dragged d girls 2 d spot n circles around them

What a naksh ,what a nain
Dil tera ho gaya fan

Sanlak n other boys twirls swaragini n other girls n make them half fall on their arms

What a smile,what a style
Luti neendo ki yeh file
Kabhi soft kabhi rude
Killer tera yeh attitude

Swaragini hits sanlak cheeks very softly n was going 2 go n sanlak hold their hands n pull them towards themselves

Tere liye toh signal Tod tad ke
Aaya dilli waali gf chod chad ke

Dance continued n after that d ceremony ended n evry1 returned their home while swara stayed with ragini

Recap: sanlak asks arnav for bachelor party

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