SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 10

so sorry for the late update guys i was busy
Ragini’s house
Ragini(white top,black denim)came down n saw Janki,Shekhar n Arnav hving breakfast
she also sat down
Ragini-gud morning evry 1
janki,shekhar n arnav-gud morning
Ragini-ma ur coming wid me for shopping na??
janki-no bate v cannot cum wid u v hv 2 go 2 buy jewellery for khushi
Ragini-OK but buy modern designs ok not some jewellery of 20 years ago
Shekhar(laughing)-ok beta
Ragini left

Swara’s house
Swara came down n Sharmishtha was signing a cheque n was luking a bit tensed
Swara-ma u will cum for shopping na??
Sharmishtha-(putting d cheque in her bag)no shons actually i hv an important meeting sorry
Swara-its ok ma i will go wid Ragini,Khushi di u will cum??
Khushi- no actually i will go wid…..
Swara-i know u wull gi wid jiju only
Khushi blushed……Swara left

AP-Laksh plss drop us 2 d mandir
Laksh-maa go wid driver na plzz i dont go 2 mandir n all(Sanky came)
AP-Sanskar,u nd Laksh cum wid us to d mandir na
Sanky-no badi maa v will get bored u go wid driver na plz
Sujata-ul r cuming wid us n dat is final. go 2 d shopping mall from der n do sum shopping for ur friend’s wedding alryt ,plz drop us

Unknown place
a car came n Shomi came out of it wid a cheque in her hand.a man was standing facing his back 2 her.she came 2 him n he turned
man-i thought u will not cum
Shomi-Harman stop dis nonsense dis is d last tym i m helping u
Harman-v will se……u love our daughters very much na???
Shomi-khushi n swara r only my daughters
she went away frm der angrily n Harman laughed evilly

a house in Mumbai
a girl woke up n yawned in her room der was a photo of a boy on d nightstand.she picked it up n kissed it.
girl-baby dont worry hmm…i m cuming 2 u very soon.u proposed me n i rejected ubut dis tym i will propose u n i know u will accept it.i really love u… sorry not u but ur property im cuming to u soon.

SanLak dropped AP n Sujata 2 mandir.den de went 2 shopping mall.Odrside SwaRaginireached d mallSanLak saw SwaRagini.de wen to dem
Ragini-wat r ul doing here?/
Laksh-i came 2 get my haircut
Ragini furrowed her eyebrows
Swara-hair cut in shopping mall??
Sanky-are he is joking,v hv cum here for shopping only
Swara-cum we will go 2 d scary house
Ragini-yes,it will b fun
Laksh-Rgaini if u faint due 2 fear den i will hv to pick u up n my bones will break
Ragini-Shut up

De went 2 d scary house
De entered n it was fully dark.SanLak were hell scared.SwaRagini were also quite scaredbut didnt show.SanLak were behind SwaRagini.Suddenly sum1 held Sanky’s leg so he shouted n tightly held Swara frm d back,she was surprised n flinched a bit by his touch.hearing him shouting all 3 of dem also started shouting.den Sanky realised sumthing n removed his hand frm Swara.de started walking again.den suddenly a ghost came on d side of Laksh n held his shoulder.he started shouting,again all 4 of dem started shouting.den Ragini removed d ghost hand frm his shoulder
Ragini-u wer scared of dis plastic model???(laughing)
Laksh- so…so wat???u werent scared haan??
Swara-nd Sanskar u also shouted widout anything

Sanky-no sumthing held my leg
4 of dem started walking again.SwaRagini wer infront of SanLak.suddenly a very scary ghost fell infront of dem from d ceiling.de shouted very loudly.
de turned nd hugged SanLak very tightly out of fear

Laksh-sum1 was telling me not 2 get scared of plastic model
Sanky-Swara its just a fake ghost, dont b scared
SwaRagini broke d hug n were embarressed SanLak laughed
SanLak- its ok
den de went out of scary house de did sum shopping n den went home

episode ends
Recap-ArShi sangeet nd RagLak SwaSan moments
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