Swasan Raglak love lasts forever (PROLOGUE)

Hello guys I m very very very happy to see ur response thank u for liking this ff+I m really very sorry for late update , hope you havnt forgotten it!and i wud like to tell u that this whole story is in laksh’s pov but swasan story will b in sanskar’s pov.So without wasting any time let’s start!!
“And what after that?”I ask our captain-Mr.Sanskar.Well,honestly i have never been so intreseted in someone else’s story , but his story is really heart-graving. As I stare him it looks like he must have been very handsome when he was a youth but as of now he is almost 3 decades older than me!I guess he is atleast 60.I come out of my thoughts when I hear a sniff.I glance at the captain again.he finds it difficult to speak now.He takes another sip of his whiskey .His eyes already look weak but is displaying many emotions.Then suddenly we hear a loud sound.Sanskar looked at the blue sea water from the window of his room in the ship.”Laksh pls check something is there”. I took out my binoculars at pointed it in that direction ,trying to see whatever I cud in the dim light of the evening.”That is provably just a low altitude star,sir.”I said not wanting to discuss about that.My mind was only on his story . I wanted to listen more .But just then his phone rang.Do hell with the caller!But I cud see captain’s serious expressions while talking . After some time the call ended and he turned to me ,”Those b**dy Somalians are here . But don’t worry, I have dealed with them very much in these 30 years of the captain’s profession. I will be back in a min , after teaching those b*st*rds a lesson.”he said in his usual husky voice as he turned to leave.But before he cud go anywhere there was a bang to be heard .

I know u must be confused guyz , so lemme tell u that this was actually a extract from a part from the middle of the story which I gave as Prologue. Hope u liked it , pls comment n sorry for mistakes. It may take me a little time to post the next part but after that I will be regular!😘


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    Hey shalini dr πŸ™‚ .i loved d update..its awesome yaar..waitng eagerly for nxt part n ragini scene…post soon dr..keep rockng n stay blessed hellyholic πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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