SWASAN RAGLAK- Love Lasts Forever (INTRO)

hi guys I m shalini back for u !thanks to all who commented on the story review. Before starting with the intro I wud like to give u some info about the story .So this ff will have approximately 20 to 30 parts , but don’t worry I will try to give u big parts .ABOUT THE STORY- This is a story about true love , its main motive is to find out that does love decreases after marriage ?——————–
A young guy laksh had fallen in love with ragini , it was love at first sight . In fact after just after a day after raglak’s first meet laksh was in a date with ragz .On their first meet only he decided to marry her. But when he proposed ragini she confessed that she also loves him , but just don’t wants to marry so soon, as she was only 16 up then! Seven years passed like that , raglak were madly in love ith each other. On their every dates laksh insisted ragini to marry him , and finally she agreed after SEVEN long years!!! n raglak were happily married but……………….ALAS…………………that’s when the twist came ! hardly one weak after marriage and now laksh hated ragini to the core .He now hated her as much as he loved her (well, the reason is a mystery ) there fight became so ugly that just 4 months after marriage and raglak planned to divorce each other , but now laksh was so much angry with ragini that he decided to leave india for some months coz he wanted a break from ragini

.He decided to come back after some months so that he can divorce ragini. So he went on a ship whose destination was Saudi arabia . the captain of the ship MR SANSKAR RAWAT had a chat with laksh they both drank together when the LOVE topic came .then laksh told his love story to sanskar (didn’t mention the reason of raglak hatred)n told that now he hates his wife and they are planning divorce.Sanskar advised laksh not to break his relation and tells him about his own love story with his childhood sweatheart ‘SWARA’ (but he told only half story)Laksh was amazed to hear such a amazing love story(swasan love story will be revealed later)but was curious to know more .sanskar told laksh that coz of his foolishness he lost his love forever .Laksh asked him regarding swasan separation.Which made sanskar emotional.but then the pirates boarded .The pirates of Somalia had hi-jacked the ship! under the control somailians laksh told the reason of his and rag’s hatred to sanskar. But sanskar told him that it was laksh’s mistake in all that, although laksh didn’t gave a damn to his advice.Afterwards when laksh insisted sanskar told laksh the rest of his story . laksh was astonished and inspired from swasan love story he realized that it was really his mistake in raglak’ separation.He apolozized to sanskar for taking his opinion lightly and decided to apolozize to ragini 2!he wanted to unite with her and finally after 11 months of capture they were free from the pirates!.can raglak unite again ? what was swasan love story that saved raglak’s marriage?—————————————————-

so this was a brief info about the story .I will explain all this and solve the mysteries in my ff.next part will be the prologue.so I wanted to tell that the concept and whole story is already decided! Ask me if u have any queries . I will give u detail about swasan raglak family in the prologue and will try to post tomorrow.I will take 1 or 2 days to post , though somtime it can take more time 2! SO PLS COOPERATE N LASTLY THANKS FOR READING………..PLS PLS PLS PLS COMEENT ……NOT PROOF READ -sorry for mistakes.


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    woowwwwww yaaaar..its soooo awesome…..raglak r amazngggg…loved sanlak convo…waitng eagerly for nxt part….keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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