SWASAN – RAGLAK = LAKEEREN ( episode 11)

Hello guys. Thankyou for supporting the ff.. Tysm
The episode starts with the person torturing swara….he is continuously beating her badly….her head was bleeding…. Her legs and hand too….she was screaming in pain….
Person:- tell me about ur mother….
Swara:- never..
Person:- ohk…as ur wish…..u girl ..u r the reason…..girls r always a burden on family…..u want to live ur life in ur style na….now I will show u ur place….
Swara get angry …..she holds persons hand and slapped him hard…..she then take the iron rod and hits him back…

Swara:- its paining???? Mere n maa k nhi dard hota tha……u want to see the power of a girl na……OK…I will show u……she start beating him mercilessly……..the goons try to attack her and make her fall
The person was about to hit her but someone holds his hand
Yah it’s was our hero…..sanky…

Sanskar beats all man badly……he took the gun and threaten them to shoot the main person
Police also came and arrest them….
Pesron:- I won’t leave u aanya
…sanskar looks swara n took her in his arms and rushes to the hospital …..LAKSH HOSPITAL

raglak were shocked to see swara condition…….. They treats her
Sahil too came n consoles sanky….
Lakah:- her condition is very serious ….if she did not regain consciousness then
Sanky:- then??????

Laksh:- she will go in coma…..
All are damm sad and r crying…..sanskar go inside the ICU and holds swara hand….
Rags consoles laksh
LAKSH:- where I was when she needs me….
Sanskar:- why they are calling her aanya….

Laksh get shocked and utter:- dad
Sanskar:- dad….?
Laksh:; I will kill him…..I will
Sanskar stops him and ask him the story
Laksh:- start telling

Since birth dad and adarsh ( my youger bro)…consider shona as burden…..he used to taunt mom…..beats them….he was just a demon…..they didn’t want her to study….
Since birth I have seen dad beating mom….and swara later on …..he always hates them….bcz they are open minded….they never bears unjustice…..swara try to suicide also since childhood…..but all in vain….my sis n mom life became hell…..
One day dad beats mom too much n adarsh too beats her….being a son….he beats her…..thus I raise my voice n came here with mom n sis….but we changed our identity…. N escape mom in our other house….she runs a music class….

(Guys its my own story….I have such dad and adarsh also…..but no laksh….n no sanky….m here alone bearing this with my mom….m not feel shame in telling this….bcz I know one day I will become successful and take my mom from here and live my life happily…..I never wrote my real names just bcz of fear if anyone read this then……}
Ragsan was damm shocked and hurted….

Sanskar:- I will not let u go swara…..never….u have to wake up …for ur mom….ur bro…n for me too….
He cries badly

Precap:- don’t know

Credit to: sweety


  1. It was too emotional
    I didn’t know that this long of people also exist in this century may God fullfill it wish of freedom for u n ur mother

    • sweety

      Tysm rosey…..yah this kind of people are also on earth…but I know one day will come when I will change my mother’s n my own life

  2. U should complain to police about your dad and bro….,.they can help you…. Or you should learn self defense…… Hope swara regain her consciousness…….

    • sweety

      Dear my father is very powerful…so police n all will not work yrr…..but yah one day god will help me…I know

  3. shivanya

    r u serious thn hw cn u bear all ths. .. ur still studying plzzzzzz dnt tolerate all thse i cnt imagine such a family whr thy hate their own family member i knw its vry eadyy3 give suggestions bt it’s not so easy 2 tolerate all these I’m jst 15yr old nd i dnt hv any idea abt all these srry for u hope so tht u wll b fine…

    • sweety

      Thnq shivanya….dear…once I complete my study n get a good job then I know….everything will be fine…

  4. Priya

    Hi sweety whatever your real name is… if your age is 18 or above just dont care for anyone else nd leave ur house with your mom.. dont bear any injustice.. take support of your friends and relatives nd get rid from that hell… dont feel low.. we women are very powerful nd can do anything. Dont wait for any sanky or lucky to enter in ur life and to solve ur problems.You should face it nd i pity you.. i pray to god that soon you shld be out of that hell and lead ur life like a free bird..nd be happy.. i wish you all good luck…

    Nd coming to the epi its gud that sanky saved her and swara also got a chance to beat that person.. keep going

    • sweety

      Thanks priya…..but dear actually I m not having any other option…. If we leave our house….where we will go…..no one will support us….n my mum will never tell her own family about her condition…. But u know want many people consider me as angel of my mum…n I know one day I will give her happy life…I know….

  5. kalpu

    Don’t worry all will be fine. U can considered me as ur sister. Don’t feel bad plssssss Take Care

  6. shivanya

    srry my name is akshatha bt i used 2 comment some time in dffnt names bt cant hide from u so

  7. MM( Menaz)

    Ohh feeling very bad for u sweety don’t worry dear god will help u & god is always be with u . & I am also having drastic story but Almighty is always be with me . & now we are happy. So dear just keep patiences. God will help u.

  8. DIDU

    Hey sorry dr……. i also wish for your future….. dont be sad dr….. one day definetly god
    Will punish them for thier doing….dont lose your hope dr…..

  9. Radhika

    I dnt knw who are you…but being a girl I’m proud of u… May God bless you..& give strength to fullfil ur drms n duties… All the best..

  10. Hope

    I’m shocked… Ur real story!! Isn’t there anyone in ur family..relation..or neighbourhood who will help u n ur mom? Please..dear.. Try to talk ur problems to someone who can understand and take a stand against ur dad…. Don’t wait… Just find a way to escape.. Its domestic violence and disrespecting womanhood.. I wish i could help u… Take care..

    • sweety

      Dear… There are many people but they don’t have power to face my papa…..my papa is very stubborn and u know he even don’t listen anyone…..since 20 yes my mum is bearing all this for me only….bcz she know and trust her daughter…

  11. anu

    Donot warry sweet one day you and your mom get a happy life.trust god he never leave her chilldrens. I will prayer donot loose faith on god and life.every one life is not perfect sweety. I know very well.one day your your father and brother realise his sins.if they donot realise their mistake leave them on god.donot curse them beacause show love to them then god will help you and your mom. sorry if i said anything anything wrong. Nice episode

  12. ria

    Oh god sweety its so painful 🙁 please take care of yourself have courage everything will be fine you are a fighter. Let god be by your side and i am sure you will win this and emerge as a real hero. You are still a fighter champ 🙂

    • sweety

      Ty ria…..u know guys….u all gave me so much courage….today I feel …so lucky that I share my pain with all of u……I got courage….ty

  13. asheeyana

    Hats off to u……good to see u fighting back? may god give u all the strength u need and of course happiness? I will always be with u at least as a distant friend ?

  14. sanchami

    nice episode plz dont get worry about ur self u will get a bright nd joyful future i will pray to god be happy sis

  15. shan

    sweety dont worry dr…..if u r above then pls go nd complain in d police about ur dad nd bro…..i do no how u r taking all things…..be brave surely one day u will go out of dat hell

  16. Smiley

    They are not humans guys……..they r worst then animals…….women’s r the creator how can people think them burden……I also have seen people pike this……u r brave…..proud ofnu yaar……god bless u..
    ….Love u

    • sweety

      Ty smiley…..there r many people who consider us as slave but one day I will prove them wrong

  17. Oh god this is ur real story here we are felling bad for swara but u have bear soo much torture . I hope they understand sooo ur Value

  18. Divyarani

    Ur are soo brave girl sweetheart…nd i know god definitely gonna do justice to u….nd i alsoo know u gonna lead beautiful lyf ahead wid ur future sanskaar and ur mother…..am sure in it…my wellwishes nd prayer are wid u dr…tq fr sharing ur pblm…b brave dont lose hope…b confident as well…

  19. Shagun

    May god bless u sweety
    U will definitely become successful in future and always trust in urself

  20. Pinkistar

    Ohh my really I can’t believe I usually don’t comment I m.a silent reader but after reading ur story my hand nd my heart did not stop…. Really how r u bearing dear may god give u more patience nd success so u reach on the top heights nd become a proud daughter of ur mom who is bearing those torches only fr u really one day it will truly happen fr which u r having dream

    • sweety

      Ty dear…..I got more strength……I know my path is very struggling but for my mum I can bear all this…..u know everyone says I have a beautiful smile….but no one knows the pain behind it…..


  22. Niveditha

    Your story? I can’t believe this. You must study well dear. And show your dad that you can also do something.. Take care of your mom. Tell her that you’ll surely take her out from that hell one day.. Just be confident. Never let anyone stop your studies. Because it is gonna be your most powerful weapon. All the best sisso… Take care of yourself and aunty. Be a good daughter to her. Always remember
    Forget about quitting
    And think only about winning
    Keep running no matter what
    Belief and courage is all you need
    Go ahead and do it
    I bet you’ll be the winner
    Best of luck to you!!

  23. Afa

    sweety….you don’t leave your hope…you believe in God….I have sure one day all wishes will full fill…There’s one awesome mom with you na…and your Father’s badly luck he not understanding your value…you’re the best dea…I will always included you in my duha..promise…hard time don’t list for ever…be happy my dea…love love you so much

    • sweety

      Ty afa…..u know first I thought that its bad to hate my dad……but u know what now from seeing the views of all of u I feel I m right…n he is wrong

  24. Definitely dis type of people r their where their is a will their is a way..don’t worry now many women welfare r organised……but only one cannot fight many should support. ….hope god give strength to u…Dr we all with you…

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  26. fransi

    Hi sweety I m feeling vry bad 4 u darling.hw old r u.u knw wt I also experience d ur situation long ago.bt I over power it. N nw Im nt giving any damn chance 4 him 2 hrt my mom or me. he is nt dad he’s my step dad even though I cn feel ur n ur mom pain.I always pry 4 u.bt u knw smthing pryers also wrk whose standing 4 themselves.so plz try 4 it darling.

  27. hay dear, i can completely understand your condition. even i am also facing same problem. i have seen domestic violence in my family but i don’t have brother and my father never razed his hand on me or my sisters. but he always insult my mom. and i can’t see my mom like this.

  28. Fransi

    Dear sweety in one day I gatherd sm courege n went to him n slaped him n pushed.n tld dear to hrt my mom or me.aftr that I didnt fear face him dr.he came to hit me bt aftr that I m 2 mch 2 hndle so he bck off.nw we r living undr same roof bt his undercontrl nw.always remember we cn do anything 4 our loves one.that give the courage

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