hii guys i am janvi back with the next part….i am really happy because it is raining…and anu di is also back ..so really happy …mostof people suggested me to make ragini bold …so here it is ….

episode 6
ragini was going home and was crying
ragini’s pov
ohmygod my first cursh had played with my dignity and i am not going to make dii marry with that nerdy the champu ,the sanskaar…i was aware he is not very good person…although my di’s life is joke and i will not make di’s life more joke….

at home
sharmistha get a call from ap…and shocked…
sharmistha: hey bhagwan is manhoosh ka kaala jaadoo iss ke pati ko bhi lag gaya….
swara jaa hospital jaa tera pati icu meh hai…manhoosh kahi ki..
swara was shocked and ran towards hospital…
swara:doctor can i meet him ..
doctor:only 1 person at time …
swara: maa jaiye sanskaar ji se mille ji ye
ap:beta phele tum
swara: okk…

in room
swara goes and hugs sanskaar ….
sanskaar was un concious
swara holds his hand
sanskaar yeh saabh meri vajah se hua…sayad maa saahi kehti hai ki …i am a curse…dekho mere vajah se tum par kitni chote hai
swara holds his hand and cry…
agar tum saath ho plays …
pal pal yeh to her jaate
din din ni kal jaate …
and so on

at mm
harman(played by vivian )
laksh kaam ho gaya ..
laksh and harman smiles

precap: engagement ..
to be continued

hope u like my concept…

sorry for late and short update ..as it is raining continuesly here…hope u can adjust with short update

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  1. Now what is cooking in this devil laksh’s mind…poor ragu.plz make her bold and punish laksh..and plz next time big part post karna.it is 2 short

  2. Nice but short

  3. Nice!!

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanks Chandu

  4. Feeling sorry for ragini.now plz don’t tell me that laksh uploaded those videos??.plz update soon and make long this was really very short.plz,plz,plz

    1. Janviiivyas

      ammu something like that..

  5. too short plzz do ragini to teach lakshya a lesson next part soon

  6. Awesome but was short and ya you nailed it yaar

    1. Janviiivyas

      I am a beautiful heroine..and I know to nail it ..and shruti..
      but yaar tera thod a idea kaam kar raha hai

  7. Good but very shot

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanks maryum

  8. Nice….but plz make it long

  9. nyc..bt very short

  10. Abirsha

    Its awesome janvi….. I have a request dont make laksh negative dr….. Hope ragini doesnt create any problems between swasan….. I dont know hindi so can u pls update n english….

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanksthanks shanmathi…I WAS aware that you would be malyali

  11. Read all the chapters in a go janavi.. U r a wonderful writer dear and the concepts which you have put forward is very thrilling.. Shame to indian society for playing with a girl’s dignity and for calling girl’s a curse.. I can’t even express .. I didn’t know janavi that you will be so happy with my arrival.. Didn’t had a single idea.. But soon I’ll be again leaving tu… I am doing my graduation at London university.. 28rh was my birthday so for few days I return to India .. I am going back again to London in just few days.. I’ll try to keep contact with you all .. But I am not a single percent sure.. But u tell me abput the family tree.. I’ll try to comment.. ???love you dear

    1. Janviiivyas

      Anu di search for making family tree..you will get result…but di I want to know about on which other swaragini sight you have account

      1. No other account dear.. I am only available on tu as I don’t use any other swaragini page.. I was an indiaforums member but I quitted that.. On tu, no other ff page I read because I don’t have so much time.. Again fb.. My di uses .. I don’t.. Well my Id was hacked and was greatly misused.. If anytime from London I have to talk to them .. I facetime them or Whatsapp.. I don’t like social media at all.. I use tu because it gives me a platform to showcase my skill

  12. Tamanna

    Nice but short….. Plz try to make longer one next time…..

  13. SPP

    Make it long next time
    Waiting for the next one

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanks done next tym long

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanks sounjaya…

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