hii guys i am janvi back with the next part ….
i can’t believe that you all are liking my ff…
happy to see the comments …

actually yesterday i can’t give you precap so here is the mystery reaveals …

episode 5
swara: sanskaar where are you ..
sanskaar:i am on highway …as i was gone to the meeting …
swara :okk take care of your self …
sanskaar smiles and says okk …
while smiling he could not able to see the turck coming to him in full speed as the driver was drunken…when he came back to senses the truck was very close to him ..and he immeadiatly moved the stearing and bash of the tree trunck …and says aahaahhhhhaaa! swara again becomes more restless …and calls sanky …but all in the vain ..
and again calls ragini but also in the vain …
so she sleep on door ….and some people takes sanskaar hospital ….he was addmitted to icu …and was again and again saying a name “swara”
at morning
when ragini wakes up and was shocked at her state and cryed ….
she saw laksh and asks laksh that what happened to me …
laksh gives a develish smile …and let ragini see the video about their cosummation ….
ragini was in tears ….
ragini: laksh why you do this..
laksh:ragini that’s was my bet with kavya and my gang …
raginisees her clothes she runs to bath room and wears her clothes and comes out ..
laksh :so ragini how was my gift to you
ragini: ohh playing with the girl’s dignity was your gift ..
laksh :yeah
ragini was angry and slaps lakshhard ..
ragini: laksh if you again dared to play with girls dignity …
then just wait and watch ..
laksh fumes inanger and ragini leaves

precap: swara takes care of sanskaar

to be continued ,,
hope you enjoyed it …

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  1. Short but sweet.laksh should be punished

    1. Janviiivyas

      sorry but should be

  2. Divyanshri

    devil laksh…….small episode…. but nice

  3. Akshata

    laksh is so disgusting. nobody has a right to play with girls dignity. he should be punished and apologies to ragini.

  4. Too shot

  5. good story but short
    love ragini

  6. devil laksh, he must be punished

  7. Laksh..hate him..poor ragini..plz make ragini bold and she should punish laksh..next time plz make it lengthy

  8. too short waiting for ragini next step waiting for next part

  9. Deeksha

    Short but awesome

  10. SPP

    Make it a bit long
    Ragini should be bold
    Waiting for the next one………

  11. Soujanya


  12. Very nice

  13. Nice..

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