hey girls and guys i am janvi back with the next part …so let’s start with out any bak bak…

when ragini reaches home the horrible sight was there shemish were beating swara like hell ..
ragini : maa why are you beating di
sharmistha: my angel because of swara’s brother in law you are going to face many problems …and no one will be accepting to marry you..(she shows her that pics)
ragini: maa but what is her fault..
sharmistha: my dearest angel she is the curse and her powers are worked on you…
ragini: maa please stop your nonsense …and maa now if you touch her then i will beat my self …
shemish leaves

ragini goes to swara and hugs her ..
and then she takes her to room …
ragini: dii what happened to you ..why you don’t say against to them .
swara :ragini one day we have to leave them alone …we both have to go away from them …if they also beats us …so accept that .it’s life’s simple pleasures ..
ragini: but why di
swara: ragini .,.
ragini : okk
swara :good ..

just then laksh calls ragini
laksh: ragini are you fine and coming tothe party ..
ragini: i am fine laksh ..and let me take permission ..
di can i go with laksh for party today ..
swara:okk but take maa’s permission..
ragini: maa can i go with laksh for party today ..
sharmistha : my dearest angel you can ..
ragini: laksh maa said no laksh has heared their convo but smiled at her childish reactions with lovingly eyes …
laksh:okk then i will take kavya
hearing kavya’s name raginisays :no i will …

ragini gets ready andwaits for laksh ..
when laksh came she leaves with her
at party she dances with laksh and later laksh offers alcohol to ragini ,ragini says no but laksh force her and ragini drinks …
after some time she feels like hell and falls on laksh…
laksh gives a develish smile …and takes her to room and he unbottorn his shirt and he is very close to her close more close ….and now they are one body and he cosummate with her whole night and ragini feels something bad but can’t react to this …
at sametime
swara was waiting for ragini but don’t know what is happened to her and becomes restless and calls sanky ..
swara:sanskaar did you are with laksh and ragini
sanskaar :no
swara:where are you

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  1. feeling bad for ragu, hate u laksh

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  3. Abirsha

    nice…..dnt make laksh negative

  4. nice waiting for ragini reaction and lakshya next step make it interesting and next part soon

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  6. Omg…i can’t understand anything..why laksh is doing like this? Feel bad for ragini..plz update next part soon

    1. Janviiivyas

      it will revealed…

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