Hiii this is janvi back …sorry for late update….I was postponing it for next 2 weeks more on the demand on sweet andhra pradeshi girl I am writing …it is third last part of this epi
Epi 12
Now swasan ate the breakfast and sanskaar went to ap to ask about if she can study ..but ap didn’t agreed she said that swara can do job but can’t study
Sanskaar:but why
Ap: because of our respect
Sanskaar:okk fine …me and swara are leaving
Sanskaar:we are going to farm house ..I can’t stay with you..your image in society is more important….than fine
Swara pack our bags …we are leaving right now
Swara:but sanskaar jiii
Okk I will…..
.she goes in room pack her bags and both swasan leave walking hand in hand …..
And kavya comes to ap
Aunty please fix my marriage with laksh
Ap:okk go and start the preparations
Kavya: ThanxxXxxx ‘aunty
Kavya leave
At door she calls someone and say work has been done
And passes a devilish smile ……
Swasan reaches to farm house
Swara: sanskaar jii why you done this ..I mean tovsay why…I want to study but not like it …you know you have done a big mistake
Sanskaar:(keep the finger on swara’s lip)sheeeeeee I am sanskaar not sanskaar jii and yaa I have done right because if can’t take a stand gor my wife than what is the use for being a husband
You always tries to keep me happy …and can’t I do a thing for your happiness…tell me ….you know I am in love with your kind heart …I am un love with your big eyes …I am in love with your rosy lips ….I am in love with you Swara ….your childish acts….your crying face …all is beautiful swara …no one ever worried for me except maa and second is you Swara …I love you mrs swara sanskaar maheshwari ..love you
Precap: should swara accept his love so easily

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  1. Nyc episode ….waitng for raglak scene 😉 🙂 keep rockng grl..

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thanxxx fairy di

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    stop writing…,

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      thanks for commenting once again on swasan ff and entertaining us

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    superb, waiting for raglak scene

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    Nice ep kiddo…..waiting for swara’s reaction. Thank u so much jaanu for giving me so many surprises in one day. Love u????

  6. Mica

    you are the best husband ever sanskar..luv it jaanvii

  7. Tamanna

    Nice… Update next one soon

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    janvi I’m sorry dear .. you msged me on my comment box.. but I can’t access it or send reply.. I’m extremely sorry for that. . awesome update.. and you c are my friend

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      No problem..we can be friends

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  10. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Amzing..read all thr parts in one go.it’s awsum..n Yes Swara Accept Sanskaar.after all he has nt done anything wrong..Plzz strt SwaSan Romance asap..n continue soon

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